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Short Obligatory Prayer
To Be Recited Once In Twenty-four Hours,...

Hast thou not heard: "No change is there in God's creati...

Glory To Thee, O My God! But For The Tribulations
Glory to Thee, O my God! But for the tribulations whi...

It is Our wish at this juncture to digress from Our them...

O thou who hast set foot in the wilderness of knowledge ...

Whoso Layeth Claim To A Revelation Direct
Whoso layeth claim to a Revelation direct from God, e...

And Now Concerning Thy Question Regarding
And now concerning thy question regarding the soul of...


Erelong shall the faithful behold, in the day of the latter
Resurrection, Him Whom God shall make manifest descending with this city
from the heaven of the Unseen, together with a company of His exalted and
favoured angels. Great, therefore, is the blessedness of him that
attaineth unto His presence and beholdeth His countenance. We all, verily,
cherish this hope, and exclaim: "Praise be unto Him, for verily He is the
Eternal Truth, and unto Him do we return!"

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