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Ideals Of East And West
One of the organizers of the Races Congress present s...

Glorified Art Thou, O Lord My God! My Tongue,
Glorified art Thou, O Lord my God! My tongue, both th...

Had these souls but clung steadfastly to the Handle of G...

The Kitab-i-aqdas
1 The first duty prescribed by God for His serv...

Magnified Be Thy Name, O Lord My God! Thou Art
Magnified be Thy name, O Lord my God! Thou art He Who...

Emperor Francis Joseph
O EMPEROR of Austria! He who is the Dayspring of God'...

151 The Deceased Should Be Enfolded In Five Sheets Of Silk Or Cotton #130
In the Bayan, the Bab specified that the body of the ...

30: O Son Of Man! Deny Not My Servant Should He Ask Anything From

O SON OF MAN! Deny not My servant should he ask anything from thee, for
his face is My face; be then abashed before Me.

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