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I shall restate here My theme, that perchance this may a...

O thou who treadest the path of justice and beholdest th...

Read Ye The Evangel And Yet Refuse To Acknowledge The
READ ye the Evangel and yet refuse to acknowledge the...

Now that this evanescent One hath reached this exalted p...

Faded Now Is All That Erstwhile Flourished In The
Faded now is all that erstwhile flourished in the Par...

Praise Be To Thee, O Lord My God! I Am The One
Praise be to Thee, O Lord my God! I am the one who ha...

6 We Have Relieved You Of A Greater Number #6
The requirements for obligatory prayer called for in ...

38: O Son Of Spirit! Burst Thy Cage Asunder And Even As The Phoenix

O SON OF SPIRIT! Burst thy cage asunder, and even as the phoenix of love
soar into the firmament of holiness. Renounce thyself and, filled with the
spirit of mercy, abide in the realm of celestial sanctity.

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