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Thou Art He, O My God, Through Whose Names
Thou art He, O my God, through Whose names the sick a...

O Salman! All That The Sages And Mystics
O Salman! All that the sages and mystics have said or...

He saith, and He, verily, speaketh the truth: "Shall the...

Blessed Art Thou O My Servant Inasmuch
Blessed art thou, O My servant, inasmuch as thou hast...

The Visit To Bristol
'Abdu'l-Baha spent the week end of September 23rd to ...

1: O Son Of Spirit! My First Counsel Is This: Possess A Pure Kindly And
O SON OF SPIRIT! My first counsel is this: Possess a ...

165 Recite Ye The Verses Of God Every Morn And Eventide #149
Baha'u'llah states that the essential requisite for r...

41: O Son Of My Handmaid! Didst Thou Behold Immortal Sovereigntythou

O SON OF MY HANDMAID! Didst thou behold immortal sovereignty, thou wouldst
strive to pass from this fleeting world. But to conceal the one from thee
and to reveal the other is a mystery which none but the pure in heart can

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