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In this journey the seeker becometh witness to a myriad ...

The Divine Springtime Is Come O Most Exalted
The Divine Springtime is come, O Most Exalted Pen, fo...

Glorified Art Thou, O Lord My God! My Tongue,
Glorified art Thou, O Lord my God! My tongue, both th...

60: O Friends! Verily I Say Whatsoever Ye Have Concealed Within
O FRIENDS! Verily I say, whatsoever ye have concealed...

My God, Thou Whom I Adore And Worship, Who
My God, Thou Whom I adore and worship, Who art Most P...

74 Adopt Ye Such Usages As Are Most In Keeping With Refinement #46
This is the first of several passages referring to th...

O thou who art mentioned in this outspread roll and who,...

42: O My Servant! Purge Thy Heart From Malice And Innocent Of

O MY SERVANT! Purge thy heart from malice and, innocent of envy, enter the
divine court of holiness.

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