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157 The Qiblih Is Indeed He Whom God Will Make Manifest; Whenever He Moveth It Moveth Until He Shall Come To Rest #137
For a discussion of this verse see notes 7 and 8. ...

I Know Not, O My God, Whether I Should Speak
I know not, O my God, whether I should speak forth th...

97 It Behoveth Her To Wait For A Period Of Nine Months After Which There Is No Impediment To Her Taking Another Husband #67
In the event of the husband's failure, either to retu...

O My God And My Master! I Am Thy Servant And
O my God and my Master! I am Thy servant and the son ...

Be not veiled by aught that hath been revealed in the Qu...

Praised Be Thou, O Lord My God! Thou Seest My
Praised be Thou, O Lord my God! Thou seest my poverty...

Members Of The Human Race! Hold Ye Fast
Members of the human race! Hold ye fast by the Cord w...

44: O Son Of The Throne! Thy Hearing Is My Hearing Hear Thou Therewith

O SON OF THE THRONE! Thy hearing is My hearing, hear thou therewith. Thy
sight is My sight, do thou see therewith, that in thine inmost soul thou
mayest testify unto My exalted sanctity, and I within Myself may bear
witness unto an exalted station for thee.

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