Very few cases have arisen in this country in which the genuineness of handwriting was the chief contention, and in which such momentous interests were at stake, as in the case of the forged "Morey-Garfield Letter." It was such as to arouse ... Read more of A FAMOUS FORGERY at Handwriting Analysis.caInformational Site Network Informational


From The Arabic
From The Persian


The Pen Of The Most High Is Unceasingly
The Pen of the Most High is unceasingly calling; and ...

Glory To Thee, O My God! One Of Thy Handmaidens,
Glory to Thee, O my God! One of Thy handmaidens, who ...

Science And Faith
The gentleman then put a question which he said he co...

Pope Pius Ix
O POPE! Rend the veils asunder. He Who is the Lord of...

68: O Weed That Springeth Out Of Dust! Wherefore Have Not These Soiled Hands Of Thine
O WEED THAT SPRINGETH OUT OF DUST! Wherefore have not...

The Rulers Of America
HEARKEN ye, O Rulers of America and the Presidents of...

The True Baha'i
I have never heard of Baha'u'llah, said a young man. ...

44: O Son Of The Throne! Thy Hearing Is My Hearing Hear Thou Therewith

O SON OF THE THRONE! Thy hearing is My hearing, hear thou therewith. Thy
sight is My sight, do thou see therewith, that in thine inmost soul thou
mayest testify unto My exalted sanctity, and I within Myself may bear
witness unto an exalted station for thee.

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