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147 The Number Of Months In A Year Appointed In The Book Of God Is Nineteen #127
The Baha'i year, in accordance with the Badi calendar...

31 The Traveller The Ailing Those Who Are With Child Or Giving Suck Are Not Bound By The Fast
they have been exempted by God as a token of His grace...

5: O Son Of Dust! Verily I Say Unto Thee: Of All Men The Most Negligent
O SON OF DUST! Verily I say unto thee: Of all men the...

86 Should Anyone Intentionally Destroy A House By Fire
him also shall ye burn; should anyone deliberately tak...

At Byfleet
On the afternoon of September 9th, a number of workin...

It is therefore established that all names and attribute...

Even so, should the fire of love burn within thy soul, th...

47: O Children Of Desire! Put Away The Garment Of Vainglory And Divest

O CHILDREN OF DESIRE! Put away the garment of vainglory, and divest
yourselves of the attire of haughtiness.

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