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The Pen Of Revelation Exclaimeth: "on This
The Pen of Revelation exclaimeth: "On this Day the Ki...

181 Any Reference To Vicegerency Debar You From The Sovereignty Of Him Who Is The Vicegerent Of God #167
The word here translated Vicegerency is, in the origi...

Say: Deliver Your Souls O People From
Say: Deliver your souls, O people, from the bondage o...

58 To None Is It Permitted To Seek Absolution From Another Soul #34
Baha'u'llah prohibits confession to, and seeking abso...

109 The Destruction Of Books #77
In the Tablet of Ishraqat Baha'u'llah, referring t...

Know then that the paradise that appeareth in the day of...

O Kings Of The Earth! He Who Is The Sovereign
O KINGS of the earth! He Who is the sovereign Lord of...


If these wayward souls had indeed paused to reflect upon their conduct,
recognized the sweet melodies of that Mystic Dove singing upon the twigs
of this snow-white Tree, embraced that which God had revealed unto and
bestowed upon them, and discovered the fruits of the Tree of God upon its
branches, wherefore then did they reject and denounce Him? Had they not
lifted their heads to the heavens to implore His appearance? Had they not
besought God at every moment to honour them with His Beauty and sustain
them through His presence?

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