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Divine Manifestations
Question.--What is 'Abdu'l-Baha's teaching concerning...

Be Generous In Prosperity And Thankful In
Be generous in prosperity, and thankful in adversity....

And in the third Gospel, according to Luke, it is record...

Say: O people! The Tree of Life hath verily been planted...

Greetings By 'abdu'l-baha From Paris To London
October 1911. Spok...

O thou who art mentioned in this outspread roll and who,...

God Witnesseth That There Is No God But
God witnesseth that there is no God but Him, the Grac...

56: O Son Of Man! Thou Dost Wish For Gold And I Desire Thy Freedom

O SON OF MAN! Thou dost wish for gold and I desire thy freedom from it.
Thou thinkest thyself rich in its possession, and I recognize thy wealth
in thy sanctity therefrom. By My life! This is My knowledge, and that is
thy fancy; how can My way accord with thine?

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