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Synopsis And Codification Of The Laws And Ordinances Of The Kitab-i-aqdas


Spreading The Teaching
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58 To None Is It Permitted To Seek Absolution From Another Soul #34
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O Thou, At Whose Dreadful Majesty All Things Have
O Thou, at Whose dreadful majesty all things have tre...

57 The Kissing Of Hands Hath Been Forbidden In The Book #34

In a number of earlier religious Dispensations and in certain cultures the
kissing of the hand of a religious figure or of a prominent person was
expected as a mark of reverence and deference to such persons and as a
token of submission to their authority. Baha'u'llah prohibits the kissing
of hands and, in His Tablets, He also condemns such practices as
prostrating oneself before another person and other forms of behaviour
that abase one individual in relation to another. (See note 58.)

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