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Synopsis And Codification Of The Laws And Ordinances Of The Kitab-i-aqdas


O Concourse Of Monks! Seclude Not Yourselves In
O CONCOURSE of monks! Seclude not yourselves in churc...

Consider The Pettiness Of Men's Minds They
Consider the pettiness of men's minds. They ask for t...

Glorified Art Thou, O My God! Thou Knowest That
Glorified art Thou, O my God! Thou knowest that in my...

5: O Son Of Dust! Verily I Say Unto Thee: Of All Men The Most Negligent
O SON OF DUST! Verily I say unto thee: Of all men the...

85 He Hath Granted Them No Right To The Property Of Others #61
The injunction to show kindness to Baha'u'llah's kind...

10 Cheniston Gardens London W
The subjoined notes are taken from The Quarterly ...

His fragrant breaths diffused in Eastern lands could ...

65 Nimrod #41

The Nimrod referred to in this verse is, in both Jewish and Islamic

traditions, a King who persecuted Abraham and whose name became symbolic

of great pride.

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