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119 O People Of Constantinople! #89
The word here translated as Constantinople is, in the...

O God, Who Art The Author Of All Manifestations,
O God, Who art the Author of all Manifestations, the ...

Farewell Reception: Introduction
On the evening of St. Michael's day, a large farewell...

Faded Now Is All That Erstwhile Flourished In The
Faded now is all that erstwhile flourished in the Par...

9: O Son Of Being! My Love Is My Stronghold; He That Entereth Therein
O SON OF BEING! My love is My stronghold; he that ent...

161 Payment Of Zakat #146
Zakat is referred to in the Qur'an as a regular ch...

47: O Son Of Man! By My Beauty! To Tinge Thy Hair With Thy Blood
O SON OF MAN! By My beauty! To tinge thy hair with th...

66: O Emigrants! The Tongue I Have Designed For The Mention Of

O EMIGRANTS! The tongue I have designed for the mention of Me, defile it
not with detraction. If the fire of self overcome you, remember your own
faults and not the faults of My creatures, inasmuch as every one of you
knoweth his own self better than he knoweth others.

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