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64: O Son Of Man! My Eternity Is My Creation I Have Created It For
O SON OF MAN! My eternity is My creation, I have crea...

A friend interested in healing quoted the words of Ba...

87 Should Ye Condemn The Arsonist And The Murderer To Life Imprisonment
it would be permissible according to the provisions of ...

The same questioner said: I have read much of Tolstoy...

Wert thou to behold all things with the eye of discernme...

Lawh-i-hikmat (tablet Of Wisdom)
_This Tablet was addressed to Aqa Muhammad, a dis...

Had these souls but clung steadfastly to the Handle of G...

66: O Emigrants! The Tongue I Have Designed For The Mention Of

O EMIGRANTS! The tongue I have designed for the mention of Me, defile it
not with detraction. If the fire of self overcome you, remember your own
faults and not the faults of My creatures, inasmuch as every one of you
knoweth his own self better than he knoweth others.

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