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Would that pure and stainless hearts could be found, tha...

173 It Hath Been Forbidden You To Carry Arms Unless Essential #159
Baha'u'llah confirms an injunction contained in the B...

My Captivity Can Bring On Me No Shame
My captivity can bring on Me no shame. Nay, by My lif...

65: O Son Of Man! My Majesty Is My Gift To Thee And My Grandeur
O SON OF MAN! My majesty is My gift to thee, and My g...

A Book Sent Down In Truth Unto Men Of
A Book sent down in truth unto men of insight! It bid...

Emperor Francis Joseph
O EMPEROR of Austria! He who is the Dayspring of God'...

O thou who art mentioned in this outspread roll and who,...

68: O Weed That Springeth Out Of Dust! Wherefore Have Not These Soiled Hands Of Thine

O WEED THAT SPRINGETH OUT OF DUST! Wherefore have not these soiled hands
of thine touched first thine own garment, and why with thine heart defiled
with desire and passion dost thou seek to commune with Me and to enter My
sacred realm? Far, far are ye from that which ye desire.

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