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Synopsis And Codification Of The Laws And Ordinances Of The Kitab-i-aqdas


76: O Son Of My Handmaid! Guidance Hath Ever Been Given By Words And Now
O SON OF MY HANDMAID! Guidance hath ever been given b...

82 Verily It Is Enjoined Upon You To Offer A Feast Once In Every Month #57
This injunction has become the basis for the holding ...

77 God Hath Imposed A Fine On Every Adulterer And Adulteress To Be Paid To The House Of Justice #49
Although the term translated here as adultery refers,...

87 Should Ye Condemn The Arsonist And The Murderer To Life Imprisonment
it would be permissible according to the provisions of ...

All Praise, O My God, Be To Thee Who Art The
All praise, O my God, be to Thee Who art the Source o...

Many A Chilled Heart, O My God, Hath Been Set
Many a chilled heart, O my God, hath been set ablaze ...

The Second Valley
If the wayfarer's goal be the dwelling of the Praisew...

70 Exile And Imprisonment Are Decreed For The Thief #45

Baha'u'llah states that the determination of the degree of penalty, in
accordance with the seriousness of the offence, rests with the House of
Justice (Q and A 49). The punishments for theft are intended for a future
condition of society, when they will be supplemented and applied by the
Universal House of Justice.

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