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64: O Son Of Man! My Eternity Is My Creation I Have Created It For
O SON OF MAN! My eternity is My creation, I have crea...

Long Obligatory Prayer
To Be Recited Once In Twenty-four Ho...

47: O Son Of Man! By My Beauty! To Tinge Thy Hair With Thy Blood
O SON OF MAN! By My beauty! To tinge thy hair with th...

If It Be Your Wish O People To Know
If it be your wish, O people, to know God and to disc...

Consider The Rational Faculty With Which
Consider the rational faculty with which God hath end...

As To Thy Question Concerning The Worlds
As to thy question concerning the worlds of God. Know...

In this station the truth of the unity of God and of the...

71: O My Friends! Call Ye To Mind That Covenant Ye Have Entered Into

O MY FRIENDS! Call ye to mind that covenant ye have entered into with Me
upon Mount Paran, situate within the hallowed precincts of Zaman. I have
taken to witness the concourse on high and the dwellers in the city of
eternity, yet now none do I find faithful unto the covenant. Of a
certainty pride and rebellion have effaced it from the hearts, in such
wise that no trace thereof remaineth. Yet knowing this, I waited and
disclosed it not.

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