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Synopsis And Codification Of The Laws And Ordinances Of The Kitab-i-aqdas


Praise Be To Thee, O Lord My God! I Swear By Thy
Praise be to Thee, O Lord my God! I swear by Thy migh...

16: O Son Of Light! Forget All Save Me And Commune With My Spirit
O SON OF LIGHT! Forget all save Me and commune with M...

Consider The Former Generations Witness
Consider the former generations. Witness how every ti...

A friend interested in healing quoted the words of Ba...

Consider The Pettiness Of Men's Minds They
Consider the pettiness of men's minds. They ask for t...

By The Righteousness Of God! These Are The
By the righteousness of God! These are the days in wh...

72: O My Servant! Thou Art Even As A Finely Tempered Sword Concealed
O MY SERVANT! Thou art even as a finely tempered swor...

74 Adopt Ye Such Usages As Are Most In Keeping With Refinement #46

This is the first of several passages referring to the importance of
refinement and cleanliness. The original Arabic word latafah, rendered
here as refinement, has a wide range of meanings with both spiritual and
physical implications, such as elegance, gracefulness, cleanliness,
civility, politeness, gentleness, delicacy and graciousness, as well as
being subtle, refined, sanctified and pure. In accordance with the context
of the various passages where it occurs in the Kitab-i-Aqdas, it has been
translated either as refinement or cleanliness.

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