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A Book Sent Down In Truth Unto Men Of

A Book sent down in truth unto men of insight! It biddeth the people to
observe justice and to work righteousness, and forbiddeth them to follow
their corrupt inclinations and carnal desires, if perchance the children
of men might be roused from their slumber.

Say: Follow, O people, what hath been prescribed unto you in Our Tablets,
and walk not after the imaginations which the sowers of mischief have
devised, they that commit wickedness and impute it to God, the Most Holy,
the All-Glorious, the Most Exalted. Say: We have accepted to be tried by
ills and troubles, that ye may sanctify yourselves from all earthly
defilements. Why, then, refuse ye to ponder Our purpose in your hearts? By
the righteousness of God! Whoso will reflect upon the tribulations We have
suffered, his soul will assuredly melt away with sorrow. Thy Lord Himself
beareth witness to the truth of My words. We have sustained the weight of
all calamities to sanctify you from all earthly corruption, and ye are yet

Say: It behoveth every one that holdeth fast to the hem of Our Robe to be
untainted by anything from which the Concourse on high may be averse. Thus
hath it been decreed by thy Lord, the All-Glorious, in this His
perspicuous Tablet. Say: Set ye aside My love, and commit what grieveth
Mine heart? What is it that hindereth you from comprehending what hath
been revealed unto you by Him Who is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise?

We verily behold your actions. If We perceive from them the sweet smelling
savor of purity and holiness, We will most certainly bless you. Then will
the tongues of the inmates of Paradise utter your praise and magnify your
names amidst them who have drawn nigh unto God.

Cling thou to the hem of the Robe of God, and take thou firm hold on His
Cord, a Cord which none can sever. Beware that the clamor of them that
have repudiated this Most Great Announcement shall not deter thee from
achieving thy purpose. Proclaim what hath been prescribed unto thee in
this Tablet, though all the peoples arise and oppose thee. Thy Lord is,
verily, the All-Compelling, the Unfailing Protector.

My glory be with thee and with those of My loved ones that associate with
thee. These indeed are they with whom it shall be well.

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