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A Message From 'abdu'l-baha

Written for The Christian Commonwealth and published September 29th, 1911.

God sends Prophets for the education of the people and the progress of
mankind. Each such Manifestation of God has raised humanity. They serve
the whole world by the bounty of God. The sure proof that they are the
Manifestations of God is in the education and progress of the people. The
Jews were in the lowest condition of ignorance, and captives under Pharaoh
when Moses appeared and raised them to a high state of civilization. Thus
was the reign of Solomon brought about and science and art were made known
to mankind. Even Greek philosophers became students of Solomon's teaching.
Thus was Moses proved to be a Prophet.

After the lapse of time the Israelites deteriorated, and became subject to
the Romans and the Greeks. Then the brilliant Star of Jesus rose from the
horizon upon the Israelites, brightening the world, until all sects and
creeds and nations were taught the beauty of unity. There cannot be any
better proof than this that Jesus was the Word of God.

So it was with the Arabian nations who, being uncivilized, were oppressed
by the Persian and Greek governments. When the Light of Muhammad shone
forth all Arabia was brightened. These oppressed and degraded peoples
became enlightened and cultured; so much so, indeed, that other nations
imbibed Arabian civilization from Arabia. This was the proof of Muhammad's
divine mission.

All the teaching of the Prophets is one; one faith; one Divine light
shining throughout the world. Now, under the banner of the oneness of
humanity all people of all creeds should turn away from prejudice and
become friends and believers in all the Prophets. As Christians believe in
Moses, so the Jews should believe in Jesus. As the Muhammadans believe in
Christ and Moses, so likewise the Jews and the Christians should believe
in Muhammad. Then all disputes would disappear, all then would be united.
Baha'u'llah came for this purpose. He has made the three religions one. He
has uplifted the standard of the oneness of faith and the honour of
humanity in the centre of the world. Today we must gather round it, and
try with heart and soul to bring about the union of mankind.

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