Draw a Pentacle on your left hand using a blessed red pen. Visualize a sand clock as you draw. Now Put your left hand on your forehead, or third eye, and say: SANDS OF TIME SHOW ME THY WAY TURN THE NIGHTS INTO DAYS ROSE PETALS SO LIGHT AND G... Read more of SPELL TO SPEED UP TIME at White Magic.caInformational Site Network Informational


The First Summer
We had no communication whatever with the out-side wo...

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78: O Son Of My Handmaid! Quaff From The Tongue Of The Merciful The Stream
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Every Word That Proceedeth Out Of The
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94 For City-dwellers At Nineteen Mithqals Of Pure Gold And For
village-dwellers at the same amount in silver 66 B...

And Now Concerning Thy Reference To The

And now concerning thy reference to the existence of two Gods. Beware,
beware, lest thou be led to join partners with the Lord, thy God. He is,
and hath from everlasting been, one and alone, without peer or equal,
eternal in the past, eternal in the future, detached from all things,
ever-abiding, unchangeable, and self-subsisting. He hath assigned no
associate unto Himself in His Kingdom, no counsellor to counsel Him, none
to compare unto Him, none to rival His glory. To this every atom of the
universe beareth witness, and beyond it the inmates of the realms on high,
they that occupy the most exalted seats, and whose names are remembered
before the Throne of Glory.

Bear thou witness in thine inmost heart unto this testimony which God hath
Himself and for Himself pronounced, that there is none other God but Him,
that all else besides Him have been created by His behest, have been
fashioned by His leave, are subject to His law, are as a thing forgotten
when compared to the glorious evidences of His oneness, and are as nothing
when brought face to face with the mighty revelations of His unity.

He, in truth, hath, throughout eternity, been one in His Essence, one in
His attributes, one in His works. Any and every comparison is applicable
only to His creatures, and all conceptions of association are conceptions
that belong solely to those that serve Him. Immeasurably exalted is His
Essence above the descriptions of His creatures. He, alone, occupieth the
Seat of transcendent majesty, of supreme and inaccessible glory. The birds
of men's hearts, however high they soar, can never hope to attain the
heights of His unknowable Essence. It is He Who hath called into being the
whole of creation, Who hath caused every created thing to spring forth at
His behest. Shall, then, the thing that was born by virtue of the word
which His Pen hath revealed, and which the finger of His Will hath
directed, be regarded as partner with Him, or an embodiment of His Self?
Far be it from His glory that human pen or tongue should hint at His
mystery, or that human heart conceive His Essence. All else besides Him
stand poor and desolate at His door, all are powerless before the
greatness of His might, all are but slaves in His Kingdom. He is rich
enough to dispense with all creatures.

The tie of servitude established between the worshiper and the adored One,
between the creature and the Creator, should in itself be regarded as a
token of His gracious favor unto men, and not as an indication of any
merit they may possess. To this testifieth every true and discerning

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