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When We Observed Carefully, We Discovered That Our
WHEN We observed carefully, We discovered that Our en...

Whoso Wisheth To Recite This Prayer, Let
Whoso wisheth to recite this prayer, let him stan...

48: O Son Of Man! For Everything There Is A Sign The Sign Of Love
O SON OF MAN! For everything there is a sign. The sig...

23: O Son Of The Supreme! To The Eternal I Call Thee Yet Thou Dost Seek That
O SON OF THE SUPREME! To the eternal I call thee, yet...

38: O Son Of Spirit! Burst Thy Cage Asunder And Even As The Phoenix
O SON OF SPIRIT! Burst thy cage asunder, and even as ...

Such is the text of the verses revealed in the past. By ...

Discourse Of 'abdu'l-baha At St John's Westminster
September 17th, 1911. ...


God has created the world as one--the boundaries are marked out by man. God
has not divided the lands, but each man has his house and meadow; horses
and dogs do not divide the fields into parts. That is why Baha'u'llah
says: Let not a man glory in that he loves his country, but that he loves
his kind. All are of one family, one race; all are human beings.
Differences as to the partition of lands should not be the cause of
separation among the people.

One of the great reasons of separation is colour. Look how this prejudice
has power in America, for instance. See how they hate one another! Animals
do not quarrel because of their colour! Surely man who is so much higher
in creation, should not be lower than the animals. Think over this. What
ignorance exists! White doves do not quarrel with blue doves because of
their colour, but white men fight with dark-coloured men. This racial
prejudice is the worst of all.

The Old Testament says that God created man like unto His own image; in
the Qur'an it says: There is no difference in the Creation of God! Think
well, God has created all, cares for all, and all are under His
protection. The policy of God is better than our policy. We are not as
wise as God!

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