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Discourse To An Assembly Of Theosophists London

September, 1911.

These are wonderful days! We see an Eastern guest received with love and
courtesy in the West. I have been drawn here, in spite of indisposition,
by the magnet of your love and sympathy.

Some years ago an Ambassador was sent from Persia to London where he
stayed five years. (His name was 'Abdu'l Hasan Khan). When he returned
to Persia they asked him to tell them about the English people. He
answered: I do not know the English people, although I have been in
London for years I have only met the people of the Court. This man was a
great man in Persia, and was sent to England by princes, and yet he did
not know the people, although he had lived among them five years. Now,
I--long a prisoner, come to England for the first time, and although my
visit is so short, I have already met many dear friends, and I can say I
know the people. Those I have met are true souls working for peace and
unity.--Think what a difference there is between this time we are living in
now, and seventy years ago! Think of the progress! the progress towards
unity and peace.

It is God's will that the differences between nations should disappear.
Those who help on the cause of unity are doing God's work. Unity is the
Divine Bounty for this luminous century. Praise be to God, there are today
many societies and many meetings held for Unity. Enmity is not so much the
cause of separation as it used to be; the cause of disunion now is mostly
prejudice. For instance, years ago when Europeans visited the East they
were considered unclean and were hated. Now it is different: when people
of the West visit those in the East who are followers of the New Light,
they are received with love and courtesy.

'Abdu'l-Baha holding a little child close to him said, the true Baha'i
loves the children, because Jesus says they are of the Kingdom of heaven.
A simple pure heart is near to God; a child has no worldly ambitions.

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