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Praise Be To Thee, O Lord My God, My Master!
Praise be to Thee, O Lord my God, my Master! Thou hea...

76 Unto Every Father Hath Been Enjoined The Instruction Of His Son And Daughter In The Art Of Reading And Writing #48
'Abdu'l-Baha, in His Tablets, not only calls attentio...

Lawh-i-aqdas (the Most Holy Tablet)(1)
This is the Most Holy Tablet sent down from the holy ...

155 Take Heed Lest Ye Be Prevented By Aught That Hath Been Recorded In The Book From Hearkening Unto This The Living Book #134
The Book is the record of the revealed Word of the Ma...

Consider, Likewise, How Numerous At This Time Are The
CONSIDER, likewise, how numerous at this time are the...

There Hath Appeared In This Revelation
There hath appeared in this Revelation what hath neve...

His fragrant breaths diffused in Eastern lands could ...


How can one increase in faith?

You must strive. A child does not know, in learning he obtains knowledge.
search for Truth.

There are three kinds of Faith: first, that which is from tradition and
birth. For example: a child is born of Muhammadan parents, he is a
Muhammadan. This faith is weak traditional faith: second, that which comes
from Knowledge, and is the faith of understanding. This is good, but there
is a better, the faith of practice. This is real faith.

We hear there is an invention, we believe it is good; then we come and see
it. We hear that there is wealth, we see it; we work hard for it, and
become rich ourselves and so help others. We know and we see the Light, we
go close to it, are warmed by it, and reflect its rays on others; this is
real faith, and thus we receive power to become the eternal sons of God.

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