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In this station, were He Who is the Embodiment of the En...

103 Semen Is Not Unclean # 74
In a number of religious traditions and in Shi'ih ...

Discourse At Mrs Thornburgh-cropper's
September 13th, 1911. ...

Thy Name Is My Healing, O My God, And Remembrance
Thy name is my healing, O my God, and remembrance of ...

My God, Whom I Worship And Adore! I Bear Witness
My God, Whom I worship and adore! I bear witness unto...

65 Nimrod #41
The Nimrod referred to in this verse is, in both J...

Know then that, inasmuch as all the Prophets are but one...

Glory Be To Thee, O My God! My Face Hath Been

Glory be to Thee, O my God! My face hath been set towards Thy face, and my
face is, verily, Thy face, and my call is Thy call, and my Revelation Thy
Revelation, and my self Thy Self, and my Cause Thy Cause, and my behest
Thy behest, and my Being Thy Being, and my sovereignty Thy sovereignty,
and my glory Thy glory, and my power Thy power.

I implore Thee, O Thou Fashioner of the nations and the King of eternity,
to guard Thy handmaidens within the tabernacle of Thy chastity, and to
cancel such of their deeds as are unworthy of Thy days. Purge out, then,
from them, O my God, all doubts and idle fancies, and sanctify them from
whatsoever becometh not their kinship with Thee, O Thou Who art the Lord
of names, and the Source of utterance. Thou art He in Whose grasp are the
reins of the entire creation.

No God is there but Thee, the Almighty, the Most Exalted, the
All-Glorious, the Self-Subsisting.

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