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He is the Almighty! 1 T...

He, however, who denied God in His Truth, who turned his...

Praise Be To Thee, O Lord My God, My Master!
Praise be to Thee, O Lord my God, my Master! Thou hea...

31: O Son Of Being! Bring Thyself To Account Each Day Ere Thou Art
O SON OF BEING! Bring thyself to account each day ere...

O Contending Peoples And Kindreds Of The
O contending peoples and kindreds of the earth! Set y...

O Salman! All That The Sages And Mystics
O Salman! All that the sages and mystics have said or...

78: O Son Of My Handmaid! Quaff From The Tongue Of The Merciful The Stream
O SON OF MY HANDMAID! Quaff from the tongue of the me...

God Hath Prescribed Unto Every One The

God hath prescribed unto every one the duty of teaching His Cause. Whoever
ariseth to discharge this duty, must needs, ere he proclaimeth His
Message, adorn himself with the ornament of an upright and praiseworthy
character, so that his words may attract the hearts of such as are
receptive to his call. Without it, he can never hope to influence his

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