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The Book Of God Is Wide Open And His
The Book of God is wide open, and His Word is summoni...

10 Cheniston Gardens London W
The subjoined notes are taken from The Quarterly ...

Glorified Art Thou, O Lord My God! I Yield Thee
Glorified art Thou, O Lord my God! I yield Thee thank...

Verily I Say, This Is The Day In Which Mankind Can Behold
VERILY I say, this is the Day in which mankind can be...

81 The Penalties For Wounding Or Striking A Person Depend Upon The
severity of the injury; for each degree the Lord of Judge...

I Know Not, O My God, What The Fire Is With Which
I know not, O my God, what the Fire is with which Tho...

Some referred to the teaching of Buddha. 'Abdu'l-Baha...

God Hath Prescribed Unto Every One The

God hath prescribed unto every one the duty of teaching His Cause. Whoever
ariseth to discharge this duty, must needs, ere he proclaimeth His
Message, adorn himself with the ornament of an upright and praiseworthy
character, so that his words may attract the hearts of such as are
receptive to his call. Without it, he can never hope to influence his

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