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Hearken O King (sultan 'abdu'l-'aziz)

Hearken, O King (Sultan 'Abdu'l-'Aziz), to the speech of Him that speaketh
the truth, Him that doth not ask thee to recompense Him with the things
God hath chosen to bestow upon thee, Him Who unerringly treadeth the
straight Path. He it is Who summoneth thee unto God, thy Lord, Who showeth
thee the right course, the way that leadeth to true felicity, that haply
thou mayest be of them with whom it shall be well.

Beware, O King, that thou gather not around thee such ministers as follow
the desires of a corrupt inclination, as have cast behind their backs that
which hath been committed into their hands and manifestly betrayed their
trust. Be bounteous to others as God hath been bounteous to thee, and
abandon not the interests of thy people to the mercy of such ministers as
these. Lay not aside the fear of God, and be thou of them that act
uprightly. Gather around thee those ministers from whom thou canst
perceive the fragrance of faith and of justice, and take thou counsel with
them, and choose whatever is best in thy sight, and be of them that act

Know thou for a certainty that whoso disbelieveth in God is neither
trustworthy nor truthful. This, indeed, is the truth, the undoubted truth.
He that acteth treacherously towards God will, also, act treacherously
towards his king. Nothing whatever can deter such a man from evil, nothing
can hinder him from betraying his neighbor, nothing can induce him to walk

Take heed that thou resign not the reins of the affairs of thy state into
the hands of others, and repose not thy confidence in ministers unworthy
of thy trust, and be not of them that live in heedlessness. Shun them
whose hearts are turned away from thee, and place not thy confidence in
them, and entrust them not with thine affairs and the affairs of such as
profess thy faith. Beware that thou allow not the wolf to become the
shepherd of God's flock, and surrender not the fate of His loved ones to
the mercy of the malicious. Expect not that they who violate the
ordinances of God will be trustworthy or sincere in the faith they
profess. Avoid them, and preserve strict guard over thyself, lest their
devices and mischief hurt thee. Turn away from them, and fix thy gaze upon
God, thy Lord, the All-Glorious, the Most Bountiful. He that giveth up
himself wholly to God, God shall, assuredly, be with him; and he that
placeth his complete trust in God, God shall, verily, protect him from
whatsoever may harm him, and shield him from the wickedness of every evil

Wert thou to incline thine ear unto My speech and observe My counsel, God
would exalt thee to so eminent a position that the designs of no man on
the whole earth can ever touch or hurt thee. Observe, O King, with thine
inmost heart and with thy whole being, the precepts of God, and walk not
in the paths of the oppressor. Seize thou, and hold firmly within the
grasp of thy might, the reins of the affairs of thy people, and examine in
person whatever pertaineth unto them. Let nothing escape thee, for therein
lieth the highest good.

Render thanks unto God for having chosen thee out of the whole world, and
made thee king over them that profess thy faith. It well beseemeth thee to
appreciate the wondrous favors with which God hath favored thee, and to
magnify continually His name. Thou canst best praise Him if thou lovest
His loved ones, and dost safeguard and protect His servants from the
mischief of the treacherous, that none may any longer oppress them. Thou
shouldst, moreover, arise to enforce the law of God amongst them, that
thou mayest be of those who are firmly established in His law.

Shouldst thou cause rivers of justice to spread their waters amongst thy
subjects, God would surely aid thee with the hosts of the unseen and of
the seen, and would strengthen thee in thine affairs. No God is there but
Him. All creation and its empire are His. Unto Him return the works of the

Place not thy reliance on thy treasures. Put thy whole confidence in the
grace of God, thy Lord. Let Him be thy trust in whatever thou doest, and
be of them that have submitted themselves to His Will. Let Him be thy
helper and enrich thyself with His treasures, for with Him are the
treasuries of the heavens and of the earth. He bestoweth them upon whom He
will, and from whom He will He withholdeth them. There is none other God
but Him, the All-Possessing, the All-Praised. All are but paupers at the
door of His mercy; all are helpless before the revelation of His
sovereignty, and beseech His favors.

Overstep not the bounds of moderation, and deal justly with them that
serve thee. Bestow upon them according to their needs, and not to the
extent that will enable them to lay up riches for themselves, to deck
their persons, to embellish their homes, to acquire the things that are of
no benefit unto them, and to be numbered with the extravagant. Deal with
them with undeviating justice, so that none among them may either suffer
want, or be pampered with luxuries. This is but manifest justice.

Allow not the abject to rule over and dominate them who are noble and
worthy of honor, and suffer not the high-minded to be at the mercy of the
contemptible and worthless, for this is what We observed upon Our arrival
in the City (Constantinople), and to it We bear witness. We found among
its inhabitants some who were possessed of an affluent fortune and lived
in the midst of excessive riches, while others were in dire want and
abject poverty. This ill beseemeth thy sovereignty, and is unworthy of thy

Let My counsel be acceptable to thee, and strive thou to rule with equity
among men, that God may exalt thy name and spread abroad the fame of thy
justice in all the world. Beware lest thou aggrandize thy ministers at the
expense of thy subjects. Fear the sighs of the poor and of the upright in
heart who, at every break of day, bewail their plight, and be unto them a
benignant sovereign. They, verily, are thy treasures on earth. It behoveth
thee, therefore, to safeguard thy treasures from the assaults of them who
wish to rob thee. Inquire into their affairs, and ascertain, every year,
nay every month, their condition, and be not of them that are careless of
their duty.

Set before thine eyes God's unerring Balance and, as one standing in His
Presence, weigh in that Balance thine actions every day, every moment of
thy life. Bring thyself to account ere thou art summoned to a reckoning,
on the Day when no man shall have strength to stand for fear of God, the
Day when the hearts of the heedless ones shall be made to tremble.

It behoveth every king to be as bountiful as the sun, which fostereth the
growth of all beings, and giveth to each its due, whose benefits are not
inherent in itself, but are ordained by Him Who is the Most Powerful, the
Almighty. The King should be as generous, as liberal in his mercy as the
clouds, the outpourings of whose bounty are showered upon every land, by
the behest of Him Who is the Supreme Ordainer, the All-Knowing.

Have a care not to entrust thine affairs of state entirely into another's
hands. None can discharge thy functions better than thine own self. Thus
do We make clear unto thee Our words of wisdom, and send down upon thee
that which can enable thee to pass over from the left hand of oppression
to the right hand of justice, and approach the resplendent ocean of His
favors. Such is the path which the kings that were before thee have
trodden, they that acted equitably towards their subjects, and walked in
the ways of undeviating justice.

Thou art God's shadow on earth. Strive, therefore, to act in such a manner
as befitteth so eminent, so august a station. If thou dost depart from
following the things We have caused to descend upon thee and taught thee,
thou wilt, assuredly, be derogating from that great and priceless honor.
Return, then, and cleave wholly unto God, and cleanse thine heart from the
world and all its vanities, and suffer not the love of any stranger to
enter and dwell therein. Not until thou dost purify thine heart from every
trace of such love can the brightness of the light of God shed its
radiance upon it, for to none hath God given more than one heart. This,
verily, hath been decreed and written down in His ancient Book. And as the
human heart, as fashioned by God, is one and undivided, it behoveth thee
to take heed that its affections be, also, one and undivided. Cleave thou,
therefore, with the whole affection of thine heart, unto His love, and
withdraw it from the love of any one besides Him, that He may aid thee to
immerse thyself in the ocean of His unity, and enable thee to become a
true upholder of His oneness. God is My witness. My sole purpose in
revealing to thee these words is to sanctify thee from the transitory
things of the earth, and aid thee to enter the realm of everlasting glory,
that thou mayest, by the leave of God, be of them that abide and rule

I swear by God, O King! It is not My wish to make My plaint to thee
against them that persecute Me. I only plead My grief and My sorrow to
God, Who hath created Me and them, Who well knoweth our state and Who
watcheth over all things. My wish is to warn them of the consequences of
their actions, if perchance they might desist from treating others as they
have treated Me, and be of them that heed My warning.

The tribulations that have touched Us, the destitution from which We
suffer, the various troubles with which We are encompassed, shall all pass
away, as shall pass away the pleasures in which they delight and the
affluence they enjoy. This is the truth which no man on earth can reject.
The days in which We have been compelled to dwell in the dust will soon be
ended, as will the days in which they occupied the seats of honor. God
shall, assuredly, judge with truth between Us and them, and He, verily, is
the best of judges.

We render thanks unto God for whatsoever hath befallen Us, and We
patiently endure the things He hath ordained in the past or will ordain in
the future. In Him have I placed My trust; and into His hands have I
committed My Cause. He will, certainly, repay all them that endure with
patience and put their confidence in Him. His is the creation and its
empire. He exalteth whom He will, and whom He will He doth abase. He shall
not be asked of His doings. He, verily, is the All-Glorious, the Almighty.

Let thine ear be attentive, O King, to the words We have addressed to
thee. Let the oppressor desist from his tyranny, and cut off the
perpetrators of injustice from among them that profess thy faith. By the
righteousness of God! The tribulations We have sustained are such that any
pen that recounteth them cannot but be overwhelmed with anguish. No one of
them that truly believe and uphold the unity of God can bear the burden of
their recital. So great have been Our sufferings that even the eyes of Our
enemies have wept over Us, and beyond them those of every discerning
person. And to all these trials have We been subjected, in spite of Our
action in approaching thee, and in bidding the people to enter beneath thy
shadow, that thou mightest be a stronghold unto them that believe in and
uphold the unity of God.

Have I, O King, ever disobeyed thee? Have I, at any time, transgressed any
of thy laws? Can any of thy ministers that represented thee in 'Iraq
produce any proof that can establish my disloyalty to thee? No, by Him Who
is the Lord of all worlds! Not for one short moment did We rebel against
thee, or against any of thy ministers. Never, God willing, shall We revolt
against thee, though We be exposed to trials more severe than any We
suffered in the past.

In the day time and in the night season, at even and at morn, We pray to
God on thy behalf, that He may graciously aid thee to be obedient unto Him
and to observe His commandment, that He may shield thee from the hosts of
the evil ones. Do, therefore, as it pleaseth thee, and treat Us as
befitteth thy station and beseemeth thy sovereignty. Be not forgetful of
the law of God in whatever thou desirest to achieve, now or in the days to
come. Say: Praise be to God, the Lord of all worlds!

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