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72: O My Servant! Thou Art Even As A Finely Tempered Sword Concealed
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Praised Be Thou, O Lord My God! I Am Thy Servant
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21: O Moving Form Of Dust! I Desire Communion With Thee But Thou Wouldst
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I Give Praise To Thee, O Lord My God! I Entreat

I give praise to Thee, O Lord my God! I entreat Thee by Thy Name through
which Thou didst cause the dawn to appear, and the winds to blow, and the
seas to surge, and the trees to bring forth their fruits, and the earth to
be beautified with its rivers, that Thou wilt aid all them that are dear
to Thee with both Thy visible and invisible hosts. Render them, moreover,
victorious over all those who have so rebelled in Thy land, and dishonored
Thy name, and disbelieved in Thy signs, and broken Thy Covenant, and cast
behind their backs Thy laws, and have to such an extent risen up against
Thee, that they carried into captivity Thy kindred, and flung the
Manifestation of Thy Self into prison, and immured Him Who is the
Day-Spring of Thine Essence in the most desolate of cities.

Thou, O my Lord, art He whose strength is immense, Whose decree is
terrible. Lay hold on Thine adversaries by the power of Thy sovereignty,
and assemble Thy loved ones beneath the shadow of the tree of Thy oneness,
that they may stand before Thy throne, and catch the accents of Thy voice,
and gaze on Thy beauty, and discover the power of Thy might.

Thou art, verily, the All-Powerful, the Almighty.

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