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44 We Have Assigned The Residence And Personal Clothing Of The Deceased
to the male, not female, offspring, nor to the other heir...

14 He Hath Exempted From This Those Who Are Weak From Illness Or Age #10
The exemption of those who are weak due to illness or...

If Ye Meet The Abased Or The Down-trodden
If ye meet the abased or the down-trodden, turn not a...

Dispel My Grief By Thy Bounty And Thy Generosity,
Dispel my grief by Thy bounty and Thy generosity, O G...

39: O Offspring Of Dust! Be Not Content With The Ease Of A Passing Day
O OFFSPRING OF DUST! Be not content with the ease of ...

This Is The Day In Which God's Most Excellent
This is the Day in which God's most excellent favors ...

18 We Have Absolved You From The Requirement Of Performing The Prayer Of The Signs #11
The Prayer of the Signs is a special form of Muslim o...

In This Day The World Is Redolent With The Fragrances Of The

IN this day the world is redolent with the fragrances of the robe of the
Revelation of the Ancient King ... and yet, they (divines) have gathered
together, and established themselves upon their seats, and have spoken
that which would put an animal to shame, how much more man himself! Were
they to become aware of one of their acts, and perceive the mischief it
hath wrought, they would, with their own hands, dispatch themselves to
their final abode.

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