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It is recorded in all the Books of the Gospel that He Wh...

O God, My God! I Have Set Out From My Home,
O God, my God! I have set out from my home, holding f...

Know, moreover, that should one who hath attained unto t...

O God, And The God Of All Names, And Maker Of
O God, and the God of all Names, and Maker of the hea...

180 Take Heed Lest The Word Prophet Withhold You From This Most Great
Announcement 167 Baha'u'llah cautions people of insi...

The Valley Of Unity
and drinketh from the cup of the Absolute, and gazeth...

Better Conditions
After two years of the strictest confinement permissi...

Know Verily That The Essence Of Justice

Know verily that the essence of justice and the source thereof are both
embodied in the ordinances prescribed by Him Who is the Manifestation of
the Self of God amongst men, if ye be of them that recognize this truth.
He doth verily incarnate the highest, the infallible standard of justice
unto all creation. Were His law to be such as to strike terror into the
hearts of all that are in heaven and on earth, that law is naught but
manifest justice. The fears and agitation which the revelation of this law
provokes in men's hearts should indeed be likened to the cries of the
suckling babe weaned from his mother's milk, if ye be of them that
perceive. Were men to discover the motivating purpose of God's Revelation,
they would assuredly cast away their fears, and, with hearts filled with
gratitude, rejoice with exceeding gladness.

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