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Lauded And Glorified Art Thou O Lord My

Lauded and glorified art Thou, O Lord, my God! How can I make mention of
Thee, assured as I am that no tongue, however deep its wisdom, can
befittingly magnify Thy name, nor can the bird of the human heart, however
great its longing, ever hope to ascend into the heaven of Thy majesty and

If I describe Thee, O my God, as Him Who is the All-Perceiving, I find
myself compelled to admit that They Who are the highest Embodiments of
perception have been created by virtue of Thy behest. And if I extol Thee
as Him Who is the All-Wise, I, likewise, am forced to recognize that the
Well Springs of wisdom have themselves been generated through the
operation of Thy Will. And if I proclaim Thee as the Incomparable One, I
soon discover that they Who are the inmost essence of oneness have been
sent down by Thee and are but the evidences of Thine handiwork. And if I
acclaim Thee as the Knower of all things, I must confess that they Who are
the Quintessence of knowledge are but the creation and instruments of Thy

Exalted, immeasurably exalted, art Thou above the strivings of mortal man
to unravel Thy mystery, to describe Thy glory, or even to hint at the
nature of Thine Essence. For whatever such strivings may accomplish, they
never can hope to transcend the limitations imposed upon Thy creatures,
inasmuch as these efforts are actuated by Thy decree, and are begotten of
Thine invention. The loftiest sentiments which the holiest of saints can
express in praise of Thee, and the deepest wisdom which the most learned
of men can utter in their attempts to comprehend Thy nature, all revolve
around that Center Which is wholly subjected to Thy sovereignty, Which
adoreth Thy Beauty, and is propelled through the movement of Thy Pen.

Nay, forbid it, O my God, that I should have uttered such words as must of
necessity imply the existence of any direct relationship between the Pen
of Thy Revelation and the essence of all created things. Far, far are They
Who are related to Thee above the conception of such relationship! All
comparisons and likenesses fail to do justice to the Tree of Thy
Revelation, and every way is barred to the comprehension of the
Manifestation of Thy Self and the Day Spring of Thy Beauty.

Far, far from Thy glory be what mortal man can affirm of Thee, or
attribute unto Thee, or the praise with which he can glorify Thee!
Whatever duty Thou hast prescribed unto Thy servants of extolling to the
utmost Thy majesty and glory is but a token of Thy grace unto them, that
they may be enabled to ascend unto the station conferred upon their own
inmost being, the station of the knowledge of their own selves.

No one else besides Thee hath, at any time, been able to fathom Thy
mystery, or befittingly to extol Thy greatness. Unsearchable and high
above the praise of men wilt Thou remain for ever. There is none other God
but Thee, the Inaccessible, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient, the Holy of

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