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The World's Equilibrium Hath Been Upset Through The
THE world's equilibrium hath been upset through the v...

119 O People Of Constantinople! #89
The word here translated as Constantinople is, in the...

We Have A Fixed Time For You O Peoples
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The Beginning Of All Things Is The Knowledge
The beginning of all things is the knowledge of God, ...

47 Division Of The Estate Should Take Place Only After The Huququ'llah Hath Been Paid
any debts have been settled, the expenses of the funera...

Gird Up The Loins Of Thine Endeavor That
Gird up the loins of thine endeavor, that haply thou ...

129 The Mother Book #103
The term Mother Book is generally used to designat...

Lauded Be Thy Name, O My God! Aid Thou By

Lauded be Thy name, O my God! Aid Thou by Thy strengthening grace Thy
servants and Thy handmaidens to recount Thy virtues and to be steadfast in
their love towards Thee. How many the leaves which the tempests of trials
have caused to fall, and how many, too, are those which, clinging
tenaciously to the tree of Thy Cause, have remained unshaken by the tests
that have assailed them, O Thou Who art our Lord, the Most Merciful!

I render Thee thanks that Thou hast made known unto me such servants as
have utterly abolished, by the power of Thy might and of Thy sovereignty,
the idols of their corrupt desires, and were not kept back by the things
which are possessed by Thy creatures from turning in the direction of Thy
grace. These have so vehemently rent the veils asunder that the dwellers
of the cities of self have wept, and fear and trembling seized the people
of envy and wickedness who, adorning their heads and their bodies with the
emblems of knowledge, have proudly rejected Thee and turned away from Thy

I implore Thee, O my Lord, by Thy surpassing majesty and Thine Ancient
Name, to enable Thy loved ones to assist Thee. Direct, then, continually
their faces towards Thy face, and write down for them what will cause all
hearts to exult and all eyes to be gladdened.

Thou, truly, art the Help in peril, the Self-Subsisting.

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