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97 It Behoveth Her To Wait For A Period Of Nine Months After Which There Is No Impediment To Her Taking Another Husband #67
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54: O Son Of Being! If Thine Heart Be Set Upon This Eternal
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All that thou hast heard regarding Muhammad the son of H...

Lay Not Aside The Fear Of God O Ye The

Lay not aside the fear of God, O ye the learned of the world, and judge
fairly the Cause of this unlettered One to Whom all the Books of God, the
Protector, the Self-Subsisting, have testified. ...Will not the dread of
Divine displeasure, the fear of Him Who hath no peer or equal, arouse you?
He Whom the world hath wronged hath, at no time, associated with you, hath
never studied your writings, nor participated in any of your disputations.
The garb He weareth, His flowing locks, His headdress, attest the truth of
His words. How long will ye persist in your injustice? Witness the
habitation in which He, Who is the incarnation of justice, hath been
forced to dwell. Open your eyes, and, beholding His plight, meditate
diligently upon that which your hands have wrought, that haply ye may not
be deprived of the light of His Divine utterance, nor remain bereft of
your share of the ocean of His knowledge.

Certain ones among both commoners and nobles have objected that this
wronged One is neither a member of the ecclesiastical order nor a
descendant of the Prophet. Say: O ye that claim to be just! Reflect a
little while, and ye shall recognize how infinitely exalted is His present
state above the station ye claim He should possess. The Will of the
Almighty hath decreed that out of a house wholly devoid of all that the
divines, the doctors, the sages, and scholars commonly possess His Cause
should proceed and be made manifest.

The Breathings of the Divine Spirit awoke Him, and bade Him arise and
proclaim His Revelation. No sooner was He roused from His slumber than He
lifted up His voice and summoned the whole of mankind unto God, the Lord
of all worlds. We have been moved to reveal these words in consideration
of the weakness and frailty of men; otherwise, the Cause We have
proclaimed is such as no pen can ever describe, nor any mind conceive its
greatness. To this beareth witness He with Whom is the Mother Book.

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