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Let Thine Ear Be Attentive O Nabil-i-'azam

Let thine ear be attentive, O Nabil-i-'Azam, to the Voice of the Ancient
of Days, crying to thee from the Kingdom of His all-glorious Name. He it
is Who is now proclaiming from the realms above, and within the inmost
essence of all created things: "I truly am God, there is none other God
but Me. I am He Who, from everlasting, hath been the Source of all
sovereignty and power, He Who shall continue, throughout eternity, to
exercise His kingship and to extend His protection unto all created
things. My proof is the greatness of My might and My sovereignty that
embraceth the whole of creation."...

Blessed art thou, O My name, inasmuch as thou hast entered Mine Ark, and
art speeding, through the power of My sovereign and most exalted might, on
the ocean of grandeur, and art numbered with My favored ones whose names
the Finger of God hath inscribed. Thou hast quaffed the cup which is life
indeed from the hands of this Youth, around Whom revolve the
Manifestations of the All-Glorious, and the brightness of Whose presence
they Who are the Day Springs of Mercy extol in the day time and in the
night season.

His glory be with thee, inasmuch as thou hast journeyed from God unto God,
and entered within the borders of the Court of unfading splendor--the Spot
which mortal man can never describe. Therein hath the breeze of holiness,
laden with the love of thy Lord, stirred thy spirit within thee, and the
waters of understanding have washed from thee the stains of remoteness and
ungodliness. Thou hast gained admittance into the Paradise of God's
Remembrance, through thy recognition of Him Who is the Embodiment of that
Remembrance amongst men.

Wherefore, be thankful to God, for having strengthened thee to aid His
Cause, for having made the flowers of knowledge and understanding to
spring forth in the garden of thine heart. Thus hath His grace encompassed
thee, and encompassed the whole of creation. Beware, lest thou allow
anything whatsoever to grieve thee. Rid thyself of all attachment to the
vain allusions of men, and cast behind thy back the idle and subtle
disputations of them that are veiled from God. Proclaim, then, that which
the Most Great Spirit will inspire thee to utter in the service of the
Cause of thy Lord, that thou mayest stir up the souls of all men and
incline their hearts unto this most blessed and all-glorious Court....

Know thou that We have annulled the rule of the sword, as an aid to Our
Cause, and substituted for it the power born of the utterance of men. Thus
have We irrevocably decreed, by virtue of Our grace. Say: O people! Sow
not the seeds of discord among men, and refrain from contending with your
neighbor, for your Lord hath committed the world and the cities thereof to
the care of the kings of the earth, and made them the emblems of His own
power, by virtue of the sovereignty He hath chosen to bestow upon them. He
hath refused to reserve for Himself any share whatever of this world's
dominion. To this He Who is Himself the Eternal Truth will testify. The
things He hath reserved for Himself are the cities of men's hearts, that
He may cleanse them from all earthly defilements, and enable them to draw
nigh unto the hallowed Spot which the hands of the infidel can never
profane. Open, O people, the city of the human heart with the key of your
utterance. Thus have We, according to a pre-ordained measure, prescribed
unto you your duty.

By the righteousness of God! The world and its vanities, and its glory,
and whatever delights it can offer, are all, in the sight of God, as
worthless as, nay, even more contemptible than, dust and ashes. Would that
the hearts of men could comprehend it! Cleanse yourselves thoroughly, O
people of Baha, from the defilement of the world, and of all that
pertaineth unto it. God Himself beareth Me witness. The things of the
earth ill beseem you. Cast them away unto such as may desire them, and
fasten your eyes upon this most holy and effulgent Vision.

That which beseemeth you is the love of God, and the love of Him Who is
the Manifestation of His Essence, and the observance of whatsoever He
chooseth to prescribe unto you, did ye but know it.

Say: Let truthfulness and courtesy be your adorning. Suffer not yourselves
to be deprived of the robe of forbearance and justice, that the sweet
savors of holiness may be wafted from your hearts upon all created things.
Say: Beware, O people of Baha, lest ye walk in the ways of them whose
words differ from their deeds. Strive that ye may be enabled to manifest
to the peoples of the earth the signs of God, and to mirror forth His
commandments. Let your acts be a guide unto all mankind, for the
professions of most men, be they high or low, differ from their conduct.
It is through your deeds that ye can distinguish yourselves from others.
Through them the brightness of your light can be shed upon the whole
earth. Happy is the man that heedeth My counsel, and keepeth the precepts
prescribed by Him Who is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

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