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My God, My Well-beloved! No Place Is There For

My God, my Well-Beloved! No place is there for any one to flee to when
once Thy laws have been sent down, and no refuge can be found by any soul
after the revelation of Thy commandments. Thou hast inspired the Pen with
the mysteries of Thine eternity, and bidden it teach man that which he
knoweth not, and caused him to partake of the living waters of truth from
the cup of Thy Revelation and Thine inspiration.

No sooner, however, had the Pen traced upon the tablet one single letter
of Thy hidden wisdom, than the voice of the lamentation of Thine ardent
lovers was lifted up from all directions. Thereupon, there befell the just
what hath caused the inmates of the tabernacle of Thy glory to weep and
the dwellers of the cities of Thy revelation to groan.

Thou dost consider, O my God, how He Who is the Manifestation of Thy names
is in these days threatened by the swords of Thine adversaries. In such a
state He crieth out and summoneth all the inhabitants of Thine earth and
the denizens of Thy heaven unto Thee.

Purify, O my God, the hearts of Thy creatures with the power of Thy
sovereignty and might, that Thy words may sink deep into them. I know not
what is in their hearts, O my God, nor can tell the thoughts they think of
Thee. Methinks that they imagine that Thy purpose in calling them to Thine
all-highest horizon is to heighten the glory of Thy majesty and power. For
had they been satisfied that Thou summonest them to that which will
recreate their hearts and immortalize their souls, they would never have
fled from Thy governance, nor deserted the shadow of the tree of Thy
oneness. Clear away, then, the sight of Thy creatures, O my God, that they
may recognize Him Who showeth forth the Godhead as One Who is sanctified
from all that pertaineth unto them, and Who, wholly for Thy sake, is
summoning them to the horizon of Thy unity, at a time when every moment of
His life is beset with peril. Had His aim been the preservation of His own
Self, He would never have left it at the mercy of Thy foes.

I swear by Thy glory! I have accepted to be tried by manifold adversities
for no purpose except to regenerate all that are in Thy heaven and on Thy
earth. Whoso hath loved Thee, can never feel attached to his own self,
except for the purpose of furthering Thy Cause; and whoso hath recognized
Thee can recognize naught else except Thee, and can turn to no one save

Enable Thy servants, O my God, to discover the things Thou didst desire
for them in Thy Kingdom. Acquaint them, moreover, with what He Who is the
Origin of Thy most excellent titles hath, in His love for Thee, been
willing to bear for the sake of the regeneration of their souls, that they
may haste to attain the River that is Life indeed, and turn their faces in
the direction of Thy Name, the Most Merciful. Abandon them not to
themselves, O my God! Draw them, by Thy bountiful favor, to the heaven of
Thine inspiration. They are but paupers, and Thou art the All-Possessing,
the ever-Forgiving, the Most Compassionate.

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