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My God, Thou Whom I Adore And Worship, Who

My God, Thou Whom I adore and worship, Who art Most Powerful! I testify
that no description by any created thing can ever reveal Thee, and no
praise which any being is able to utter can express Thee. Neither the
comprehension of any one in the whole world, nor the intelligence of any
of its peoples, can, as it befitteth Thee, gain admittance into the court
of Thy holiness, or unravel Thy mystery. What sin hath kept the inmates of
the city of Thy names so far from Thine all-glorious Horizon, and deprived
them of access to Thy most great Ocean? One single letter of Thy Book is
the mother of all utterances, and a word therefrom the begetter of all
creation. What ingratitude have Thy servants shown forth that Thou hast
withheld them, one and all, from recognizing Thee? A drop out of the ocean
of Thy mercy sufficeth to quench the flames of hell, and a spark of the
fire of Thy love is enough to set ablaze a whole world.

O Thou Who art the All-Knowing! Wayward though we be, we still cling to
Thy bounty; and though ignorant, we still set our faces toward the ocean
of Thy wisdom. Thou art that All-Bountiful Who art not deterred by a
multitude of sins from vouchsafing Thy bounty, and the flow of Whose gifts
is not arrested by the withdrawal of the peoples of the world. From
eternity the door of Thy grace hath remained wide open. A dewdrop out of
the ocean of Thy mercy is able to adorn all things with the ornament of
sanctity, and a sprinkling of the waters of Thy bounty can cause the
entire creation to attain unto true wealth.

Lift not the veil, O Thou Who art the Concealer! From eternity the tokens
of Thy bounty have encompassed the universe, and the splendors of Thy Most
Great Name have been shed over all created things. Deny not Thy servants
the wonders of Thy grace. Cause them to be made aware of Thee, that they
may bear witness to Thy unity, and enable them to recognize Thee, that
they may hasten towards Thee. Thy mercy hath embraced the whole creation,
and Thy grace hath pervaded all things. From the billows of the ocean of
Thy generosity the seas of eagerness and enthusiasm were revealed. Thou
art what Thou art. Aught except Thee is unworthy of any mention unless it
entereth beneath Thy shadow, and gaineth admittance into Thy court.

Whatever betide us, we beseech Thine ancient forgiveness, and seek Thine
all-pervasive grace. Our hope is that Thou wilt deny no one Thy grace, and
wilt deprive no soul of the ornament of fairness and justice. Thou art the
King of all bounty, and the Lord of all favors, and supreme over all who
are in heaven and on earth.

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