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Napoleon Iii

O KING of Paris! Tell the priest to ring the bells no longer. By God, the
True One! The Most Mighty Bell hath appeared in the form of Him Who is the
Most Great Name, and the fingers of the will of Thy Lord, the Most
Exalted, the Most High, toll it out in the heaven of Immortality, in His
name, the All-Glorious. Thus have the mighty verses of Thy Lord been again
sent down unto thee, that thou mayest arise to remember God, the Creator
of earth and heaven, in these days when all the tribes of the earth have
mourned, and the foundations of the cities have trembled, and the dust of
irreligion hath enwrapped all men, except such as God, the All-Knowing,
the All-Wise, was pleased to spare. Say: He Who is the Unconditioned is
come, in the clouds of light, that He may quicken all created things with
the breeze of His Name, the Most Merciful, and unify the world, and gather
all men around this Table which hath been sent down from heaven. Beware
that ye deny not the favour of God after it hath been sent down unto you.
Better is this for you than that which ye possess; for that which is yours
perisheth, whilst that which is with God endureth. He, in truth, ordaineth
what He pleaseth. Verily, the breezes of forgiveness have been wafted from
the direction of your Lord, the God of Mercy; whoso turneth thereunto,
shall be cleansed of his sins, and of all pain and sickness. Happy the man
that hath turned towards them, and woe betide him that hath turned aside.

Wert thou to incline thine inner ear unto all created things, thou wouldst
hear: 'The Ancient of Days is come in His great glory!' Everything
celebrateth the praise of its Lord. Some have known God and remember Him;
others remember Him, yet know Him not. Thus have We set down Our decree in
a perspicuous Tablet.

Give ear, O King, unto the Voice that calleth from the Fire which burneth
in this verdant Tree, on this Sinai which hath been raised above the
hallowed and snow-white Spot, beyond the Everlasting City: 'Verily, there
is none other God but Me, the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Merciful!' We, in
truth, have sent Him Whom We aided with the Holy Spirit (Jesus Christ)
that He may announce unto you this Light that hath shone forth from the
horizon of the will of your Lord, the Most Exalted, the All-Glorious, and
Whose signs have been revealed in the West. Set your faces towards Him
(Baha'u'llah) on this Day which God hath exalted above all other days, and
whereon the All-Merciful hath shed the splendour of His effulgent glory
upon all who are in heaven and all who are on earth. Arise thou to serve
God and help His Cause. He, verily, will assist thee with the hosts of the
seen and unseen, and will set thee king over all that whereon the sun
riseth. Thy Lord, in truth, is the All-Powerful, the Almighty.

The breezes of the Most Merciful have passed over all created things;
happy the man that hath discovered their fragrance, and set himself
towards them with a sound heart. Attire thy temple with the ornament of My
Name, and thy tongue with remembrance of Me, and thine heart with love for
Me, the Almighty, the Most High. We have desired for thee naught except
that which is better for thee than what thou dost possess and all the
treasures of the earth. Thy Lord, verily, is knowing, informed of all.
Arise, in My Name, amongst My servants, and say: 'O ye peoples of the
earth! Turn yourselves towards Him Who hath turned towards you. He,
verily, is the Face of God amongst you, and His Testimony and His Guide
unto you. He hath come to you with signs which none can produce.' The
voice of the Burning Bush is raised in the midmost heart of the world, and
the Holy Spirit calleth aloud among the nations: 'Lo, the Desired One is
come with manifest dominion!'

O King! The stars of the heaven of knowledge have fallen, they who seek to
establish the truth of My Cause through the things they possess, and who
make mention of God in My Name. And yet, when I came unto them in My
glory, they turned aside. They, indeed, are of the fallen. This is, truly,
that which the Spirit of God (Jesus Christ) hath announced, when He came
with truth unto you, He with Whom the Jewish doctors disputed, till at
last they perpetrated what hath made the Holy Spirit to lament, and the
tears of them that have near access to God to flow....

O King! We heard the words thou didst utter in answer to the Czar of
Russia, concerning the decision made regarding the war (Crimean War). Thy
Lord, verily, knoweth, is informed of all. Thou didst say: 'I lay asleep
upon my couch, when the cry of the oppressed, who were drowned in the
Black Sea, wakened me.' This is what we heard thee say, and, verily, thy
Lord is witness unto what I say. We testify that that which wakened thee
was not their cry but the promptings of thine own passions, for We tested
thee, and found thee wanting. Comprehend the meaning of My words, and be
thou of the discerning. It is not Our wish to address thee words of
condemnation, out of regard for the dignity We conferred upon thee in this
mortal life. We, verily, have chosen courtesy, and made it the true mark
of such as are nigh unto Him. Courtesy, is, in truth, a raiment which
fitteth all men, whether young or old. Well is it with him that adorneth
his temple therewith, and woe unto him who is deprived of this great
bounty. Hadst thou been sincere in thy words, thou wouldst have not cast
behind thy back the Book of God, when it was sent unto thee by Him Who is
the Almighty, the All-Wise. We have proved thee through it, and found thee
other than that which thou didst profess. Arise, and make amends for that
which escaped thee. Ere long the world and all that thou possessest will
perish, and the kingdom will remain unto God, thy Lord and the Lord of thy
fathers of old. It behoveth thee not to conduct thine affairs according to
the dictates of thy desires. Fear the sighs of this Wronged One, and
shield Him from the darts of such as act unjustly.

For what thou hast done, thy kingdom shall be thrown into confusion, and
thine empire shall pass from thine hands, as a punishment for that which
thou hast wrought. Then wilt thou know how thou hast plainly erred.
Commotions shall seize all the people in that land, unless thou arisest to
help this Cause, and followest Him Who is the Spirit of God (Jesus Christ)
in this, the Straight Path. Hath thy pomp made thee proud? By My Life! It
shall not endure; nay, it shall soon pass away, unless thou holdest fast
by this firm Cord. We see abasement hastening after thee, whilst thou art
of the heedless. It behoveth thee when thou hearest His Voice calling from
the seat of glory to cast away all that thou possessest, and cry out:
'Here am I, O Lord of all that is in heaven and all that is on earth!'

O King! We were in 'Iraq, when the hour of parting arrived. At the bidding
of the King of Islam (Sultan of Turkey) We set Our steps in his direction.
Upon Our arrival, there befell Us at the hands of the malicious that which
the books of the world can never adequately recount. Thereupon the inmates
of Paradise, and they that dwell within the retreats of holiness,
lamented; and yet the people are wrapped in a thick veil!...

More grievous became Our plight from day to day, nay, from hour to hour,
until they took Us forth from Our prison and made Us, with glaring
injustice, enter the Most Great Prison....

Know of a truth that your subjects are God's trust amongst you. Watch ye,
therefore, over them as ye watch over your own selves. Beware that ye
allow not wolves to become the shepherds of the fold, or pride and conceit
to deter you from turning unto the poor and the desolate. Arise thou, in
My name, above the horizon of renunciation, and set, then, thy face
towards the Kingdom, at the bidding of thy Lord, the Lord of strength and
of might.

Adorn the body of Thy kingdom with the raiment of My name, and arise,
then, to teach My Cause. Better is this for thee than that which thou
possessest. God will, thereby, exalt thy name among all the kings. Potent
is He over all things. Walk thou amongst men in the name of God, and by
the power of His might, that thou mayest show forth His signs amidst the
peoples of the earth....

Regard ye the world as a man's body, which is afflicted with divers
ailments, and the recovery of which dependeth upon the harmonizing of all
of its component elements. Gather ye around that which We have prescribed
unto you, and walk not in the ways of such as create dissension. Meditate
on the world and the state of its people. He, for Whose sake the world was
called into being, hath been imprisoned in the most desolate of cities
(Akka), by reason of that which the hands of the wayward have wrought.
From the horizon of His prison-city He summoneth mankind unto the
Dayspring of God, the Exalted, the Great. Exultest thou over the treasures
thou dost possess, knowing they shall perish? Rejoicest thou in that thou
rulest a span of earth, when the whole world, in the estimation of the
people of Baha, is worth as much as the black in the eye of a dead ant?
Abandon it unto such as have set their affections upon it, and turn thou
unto Him Who is the Desire of the world. Whither are gone the proud and
their palaces? Gaze thou into their tombs, that thou mayest profit by this
example, inasmuch as We made it a lesson unto every beholder. Were the
breezes of Revelation to seize thee, thou wouldst flee the world, and turn
unto the Kingdom, and wouldst expend all thou possessest, that thou mayest
draw nigh unto this sublime Vision.

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