Make sure it is night when you do this spell. Also, light one orange and one pink candle. Close your eyes. (You Must Have complete focus and be concentrating on the spell, ONLY.) Fill your mind with the color your eyes are. Picture that for abo... Read more of Spell to change eye color at White Magic.caInformational Site Network Informational


104 Cleave Ye Unto The Cord Of Refinement #74
'Abdu'l-Baha refers to the effect of purity and holin...

Some Personal Characteristics
There is a note in 'Abdu'l-Baha's character that has ...

The Great Being Wishing To Reveal The
The Great Being, wishing to reveal the prerequisites ...

Thou canst indeed hear the learned and the foolish among...

60: O Son Of Man! Put Thy Hand Into My Bosom That I May Rise Above
O SON OF MAN! Put thy hand into My bosom, that I may ...

O Wayfarer In The Path Of God! Take
O wayfarer in the path of God! Take thou thy portion ...

Know Thou That Every Created Thing Is A
Know thou that every created thing is a sign of the r...

O Concourse Of Archbishops! He Who Is The Lord Of

O CONCOURSE of archbishops! He Who is the Lord of all men hath appeared.
In the plain of guidance He calleth mankind, whilst ye are numbered with
the dead! Great is the blessedness of him who is stirred by the Breeze of
God, and hath arisen from amongst the dead in this perspicuous Name.

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