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Know Thou That When The Son Of Man
Know thou that when the Son of Man yielded up His bre...

He, however, who denied God in His Truth, who turned his...

Lauded And Glorified Art Thou O Lord My
Lauded and glorified art Thou, O Lord, my God! How ca...

Know thou that the passages that We have called "ambiguo...

Lawh-i-burhan (tablet Of The Proof)
_This Tablet was revealed after the martyrdom of ...

O Thou The Dread Of Whom Hath Fallen Upon All
O Thou the dread of Whom hath fallen upon all things,...

Tear Asunder In My Name The Veils That
Tear asunder, in My Name, the veils that have grievou...

O Concourse Of Archbishops! He Who Is The Lord Of

O CONCOURSE of archbishops! He Who is the Lord of all men hath appeared.
In the plain of guidance He calleth mankind, whilst ye are numbered with
the dead! Great is the blessedness of him who is stirred by the Breeze of
God, and hath arisen from amongst the dead in this perspicuous Name.

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