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Tear Asunder In My Name The Veils That
Tear asunder, in My Name, the veils that have grievou...

O Concourse Of Divines! Lay Aside That Which Ye
O CONCOURSE of divines!... Lay aside that which ye po...

Discourse Given At Miss E J Rosenberg's Unity Meeting
September 8th, 1911. ...

Consider The Doubts Which They Who Have
Consider the doubts which they who have joined partne...

I Give Thee Thanks, O My God, For That Thou Hast
I give Thee thanks, O my God, for that Thou hast made...

Great God! This sea had laid up lustrous pearls in st...

Say: O people! The Tree of Life hath verily been planted...

O Concourse Of Bishops! Trembling Hath Seized All The

O CONCOURSE of bishops! Trembling hath seized all the kindreds of the
earth, and He Who is the Everlasting Father calleth aloud between earth
and heaven. Blessed the ear that hath heard, and the eye that hath seen,
and the heart that hath turned unto Him Who is the Point of Adoration of
all who are in the heavens and all who are on earth....

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