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71 On The Third Offence
place ye a mark upon his brow so that, thus identified...

127 Crimson Spot #100
This is a reference to the prison-city of Akka. In...

Because Of You The Apostle (muhammad) Lamented,
BECAUSE of you the Apostle (Muhammad) lamented, and t...

28: O Son Of Spirit! Know Thou Of A Truth: He That Biddeth Men Be Just
O SON OF SPIRIT! Know thou of a truth: He that biddet...

St John's Westminster: Introduction
On September 17th, 'Abdu'l-Baha at the request of the...

O Ye Peoples Of The World! Know Verily
O ye peoples of the world! Know, verily, that an unfo...

31 The Traveller The Ailing Those Who Are With Child Or Giving Suck Are Not Bound By The Fast
they have been exempted by God as a token of His grace...

O Concourse Of Bishops! Trembling Hath Seized All The

O CONCOURSE of bishops! Trembling hath seized all the kindreds of the
earth, and He Who is the Everlasting Father calleth aloud between earth
and heaven. Blessed the ear that hath heard, and the eye that hath seen,
and the heart that hath turned unto Him Who is the Point of Adoration of
all who are in the heavens and all who are on earth....

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