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Theosophical Society: Introduction
On September 30th, 'Abdu'l-Baha met the Theosophical ...

139 The First Day Of The Month Of Baha #111
In the Baha'i calendar the first month of the year an...

Greetings By 'abdu'l-baha From Paris To London
October 1911. Spok...

63 This Is That Of Which We Gave You Forewarning When
We were dwelling in 'Iraq, then later while in the Lan...

58: O Son Of Man! The Temple Of Being Is My Throne; Cleanse It Of
O SON OF MAN! The temple of being is My throne; clean...

45: O Son Of Being! Seek A Martyr's Death In My Path Content With
O SON OF BEING! Seek a martyr's death in My path, con...

O thou whom We have outwardly never met, yet whom We inw...

O Concourse Of Patriarchs! He Whom Ye Were Promised

O CONCOURSE of patriarchs! He Whom ye were promised in the Tablets is
come. Fear God, and follow not the vain imaginings of the superstitious.
Lay aside the things ye possess, and take fast hold of the Tablet of God
by His sovereign power. Better is this for you than all your possessions.
Unto this testifieth every understanding heart, and every man of insight.
Pride ye yourselves on My Name and yet shut yourselves out as by a veil
from Me? This indeed is a strange thing!

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