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24: O Son Of Man! Transgress Not Thy Limits Nor Claim That Which
O SON OF MAN! Transgress not thy limits, nor claim th...

The Valley Of Wonderment
and is tossed in the oceans of grandeur, and at every...

Praised Be Thou, O My God! Thou Seest How Thy
Praised be Thou, O my God! Thou seest how Thy righteo...

Faded Now Is All That Erstwhile Flourished In The
Faded now is all that erstwhile flourished in the Par...

35 Ye Have Been Forbidden To Commit Murder #19
The prohibition against taking another's life is repe...

The Captivity Of Man
'Abdu'l-Baha said:--Luxuries cut off the freedom of c...

A friend interested in healing quoted the words of Ba...

O Concourse Of Priests! Leave The Bells, And Come

O CONCOURSE of priests! Leave the bells, and come forth, then, from your
churches. It behoveth you, in this day, to proclaim aloud the Most Great
Name among the nations. Prefer ye to be silent, whilst every stone and
every tree shouteth aloud: 'The Lord is come in His great glory!' ...He
that summoneth men in My name is, verily, of Me, and he will show forth
that which is beyond the power of all that are on earth... Let the Breeze
of God awaken you. Verily, it hath wafted over the world. Well is it with
him that hath discovered the fragrance thereof and been accounted among
the well-assured....

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