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177 We Perceive That Which Secretly And Stealthily Diffuseth From Thee #164
This passage is a reference to the intrigues of a gro...

Unto Thee Be Praise, O Thou Who Inclinest Thine
Unto Thee be praise, O Thou Who inclinest Thine ear t...

3: O Son Of Man! Veiled In My Immemorial Being And In The Ancient
O SON OF MAN! Veiled in My immemorial being and in th...

Glory To Thee, O Thou Who Art The Lord Of All
Glory to Thee, O Thou Who art the Lord of all worlds,...

47: O Children Of Desire! Put Away The Garment Of Vainglory And Divest
O CHILDREN OF DESIRE! Put away the garment of vainglo...

Praise Be To Thee, O Lord My God! I Swear By Thy
Praise be to Thee, O Lord my God! I swear by Thy migh...

39: O Son Of Man! Neglect Not My Commandments If Thou Lovest My
O SON OF MAN! Neglect not My commandments if thou lov...

O God, My God! Be Thou Not Far From Me, For

O God, my God! Be Thou not far from me, for tribulation upon tribulation
hath gathered about me. O God, my God! Leave me not to myself, for the
extreme of adversity hath come upon me. Out of the pure milk, drawn from
the breasts of Thy loving-kindness, give me to drink, for my thirst hath
utterly consumed me. Beneath the shadow of the wings of Thy mercy shelter
me, for all mine adversaries with one consent have fallen upon me. Keep me
near to the throne of Thy majesty, face to face with the revelation of the
signs of Thy glory, for wretchedness hath grievously touched me. With the
fruits of the Tree of Thine Eternity nourish me, for uttermost weakness
hath overtaken me. From the cups of joy, proffered by the hands of Thy
tender mercies, feed me, for manifold sorrows have laid mighty hold upon
me. With the broidered robe of Thine omnipotent sovereignty attire me, for
poverty hath altogether despoiled me. Lulled by the cooing of the Dove of
Thine Eternity, suffer me to sleep, for woes at their blackest have
befallen me. Before the throne of Thy oneness, amid the blaze of the
beauty of Thy countenance, cause me to abide, for fear and trembling have
violently crushed me. Beneath the ocean of Thy forgiveness, faced with the
restlessness of the leviathan of glory, immerse me, for my sins have
utterly doomed me.

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