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Whosoever entereth this city will comprehend every scien...

44: O Companion Of My Throne! Hear No Evil And See No Evil Abase Not Thyself
O COMPANION OF MY THRONE! Hear no evil, and see no ev...

O thou who hast soared to the realm of guidance and asce...

31: O Son Of Being! Bring Thyself To Account Each Day Ere Thou Art
O SON OF BEING! Bring thyself to account each day ere...

60 And Among The People Is He Who Layeth Claim To Inner Knowledge #36
This is a reference to people who claim access to eso...

This is the text of that which was revealed aforetime in...

178 Call Ye To Mind The Shaykh Whose Name Was Muhammad-hasan #166
Shaykh Muhammad-Hasan, one of the leading exponents o...

O God, Who Art The Author Of All Manifestations,

O God, Who art the Author of all Manifestations, the Source of all
Sources, the Fountain-Head of all Revelations, and the Well-Spring of all
Lights! I testify that by Thy Name the heaven of understanding hath been
adorned, and the ocean of utterance hath surged, and the dispensations of
Thy providence have been promulgated unto the followers of all religions.

I beseech Thee so to enrich me as to dispense with all save Thee, and be
made independent of any one except Thyself. Rain down, then, upon me out
of the clouds of Thy bounty that which shall profit me in every world of
Thy worlds. Assist me, then, through Thy strengthening grace, so to serve
Thy Cause amidst Thy servants that I may show forth what will cause me to
be remembered as long as Thine own kingdom endureth and Thy dominion will

This is Thy servant, O my Lord, who with his whole being hath turned unto
the horizon of Thy bounty, and the ocean of Thy grace, and the heaven of
Thy gifts. Do with me then as becometh Thy majesty, and Thy glory, and Thy
bounteousness, and Thy grace.

Thou, in truth, art the God of strength and power, Who art meet to answer
them that pray Thee. There is no God save Thee, the All-Knowing, the

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