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184 Refer Ye Whatsoever Ye Understand Not In The Book To Him Who Hath Branched From This Mighty Stock #174
Baha'u'llah invests 'Abdu'l-Baha with the right of in...

Whoso Wisheth To Pray, Let Him Wash
_Whoso wisheth to pray, let him wash his hands, and w...

Say: O people! The Tree of Life hath verily been planted...

147 The Number Of Months In A Year Appointed In The Book Of God Is Nineteen #127
The Baha'i year, in accordance with the Badi calendar...

153 God Hath Removed The Restrictions On Travel That Had Been Imposed In
the Bayan. 131 The Bab decreed certain restrictions ...

Long Obligatory Prayer
To Be Recited Once In Twenty-four Ho...

Erelong shall the faithful behold, in the day of the lat...

O High Priests! Ears Have Been Given You That They May

O HIGH priests! Ears have been given you that they may hearken unto the
mystery of Him Who is the Self-Dependent, and eyes that they may behold
Him. Wherefore flee ye? The Incomparable Friend is manifest. He speaketh
that wherein lieth salvation. Were ye, O high priests, to discover the
perfume of the rose-garden of understanding, ye would seek none other but
Him, and would recognize, in His new vesture, the All-Wise and Peerless
One, and would turn your eyes from the world and all who seek it, and
would arise to help Him.

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