A doctor and a bus driver are both in love with the same woman, an attractive girl named Sarah. The bus driver had to go on a long bustrip that would last a week. Before he left, he gave Sarah seven apples. Why? ... Read more of A doctor and a bus driver in love at Free Jokes.caInformational Site Network Informational


Create In Me A Pure Heart, O My God, And Renew
Create in me a pure heart, O my God, and renew a tran...

O Muhammad-'ali! Great Is The Blessedness
O Muhammad-'Ali! Great is the blessedness awaiting th...

Know Thou That When The Son Of Man
Know thou that when the Son of Man yielded up His bre...

Hearken then unto that which the Bird of Heaven uttered,...

O Ye Divines Of The City! We Came To You With The
O YE divines of the City! We came to you with the tru...

97 It Behoveth Her To Wait For A Period Of Nine Months After Which There Is No Impediment To Her Taking Another Husband #67
In the event of the husband's failure, either to retu...

The Pure Heart
When asked for a definition of a pure heart, 'Abdu'l-...

O My God And My Master! I Am Thy Servant And

O my God and my Master! I am Thy servant and the son of Thy servant. I
have risen from my couch at this dawn-tide when the Day-Star of Thy
oneness hath shone forth from the Day-Spring of Thy will, and hath shed
its radiance upon the whole world, according to what had been ordained in
the Books of Thy Decree.

Praise be unto Thee, O my God, that we have wakened to the splendors of
the light of Thy knowledge. Send down, then, upon us, O my Lord, what will
enable us to dispense with any one but Thee, and will rid us of all
attachment to aught except Thyself. Write down, moreover, for me, and for
such as are dear to me, and for my kindred, man and woman alike, the good
of this world and the world to come. Keep us safe, then, through Thine
unfailing protection, O Thou the Beloved of the entire creation and the
Desire of the whole universe, from them whom Thou hast made to be the
manifestations of the Evil Whisperer, who whisper in men's breasts. Potent
art Thou to do Thy pleasure. Thou art, verily, the Almighty, the Help in
Peril, the Self-Subsisting.

Bless Thou, O Lord my God, Him Whom Thou hast set over Thy most excellent
Titles, and through Whom Thou hast divided between the godly and the
wicked, and graciously aid us to do what Thou lovest and desirest. Bless
Thou, moreover, O my God, them Who are Thy Words and Thy Letters, and them
who have set their faces towards Thee, and turned unto Thy face, and
hearkened to Thy Call.

Thou art, truly, the Lord and King of all men, and art potent over all

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