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13: O My Children! I Fear Lest Bereft Of The Melody Of The Dove Of
O MY CHILDREN! I fear lest, bereft of the melody of t...

155 Take Heed Lest Ye Be Prevented By Aught That Hath Been Recorded In The Book From Hearkening Unto This The Living Book #134
The Book is the record of the revealed Word of the Ma...

67: O Son Of Beauty! By My Spirit And By My Favor! By My Mercy And
O SON OF BEAUTY! By My spirit and by My favor! By My ...

Faded Now Is All That Erstwhile Flourished In The
Faded now is all that erstwhile flourished in the Par...

God Hath Prescribed Unto Every One The
God hath prescribed unto every one the duty of teachi...

It Is Evident That Every Age In Which A Manifestation
It is evident that every age in which a Manifestation...

Lauded Be Thy Name, O Thou Who Art My God
Lauded be Thy name, O Thou Who art my God and throbbe...

O My God! This Is Thy Servant And The Son Of

O my God! This is Thy servant and the son of Thy servant who hath believed
in Thee and in Thy signs, and set his face towards Thee, wholly detached

from all except Thee. Thou art, verily, of those who show mercy the most

Deal with him, O Thou Who forgivest the sins of men and concealest their
faults, as beseemeth the heaven of Thy bounty and the ocean of Thy grace.
Grant him admission within the precincts of Thy transcendent mercy that
was before the foundation of earth and heaven. There is no God but Thee,
the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Generous.

Let him, then, repeat six times the greeting Allah-u-Abha, and
then repeat nineteen times each of the following verses:

We all, verily, worship God.

We all, verily, bow down before God.

We all, verily, are devoted unto God.

We all, verily, give praise unto God.

We all, verily, yield thanks unto God.

We all, verily, are patient in God.

(If the dead be a woman, let him say:

This is Thy handmaiden and the daughter of Thy handmaiden,

_Prayer for the Dead._

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