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Tarazat (ornaments)
In My Name, which standeth supreme above all names ...

He Is Indeed A True Believer In The Unity Of
He is indeed a true believer in the unity of God who,...

Lawh-i-maqsud (tablet Of Maqsud)
_Out of respect, the Baha'is, rather than address...

O Peoples Of The Earth! God, The Eternal Truth, Is My
O PEOPLES of the earth! God, the Eternal Truth, is My...

50: O Son Of Man! If Adversity Befall Thee Not In My Path How
O SON OF MAN! If adversity befall thee not in My path...

Ponder A While What Is It That Prompted
Ponder a while. What is it that prompted, in every Di...

14 He Hath Exempted From This Those Who Are Weak From Illness Or Age #10
The exemption of those who are weak due to illness or...

O Thou Who Art The Fruit Of My Tree And

O thou who art the fruit of My Tree and the leaf thereof! On thee be My
glory and My mercy. Let not thine heart grieve over what hath befallen
thee. Wert thou to scan the pages of the Book of Life, thou wouldst, most
certainly, discover that which would dissipate thy sorrows and dissolve
thine anguish.

Know thou, O fruit of My Tree, that the decrees of the Sovereign Ordainer,
as related to fate and predestination, are of two kinds. Both are to be
obeyed and accepted. The one is irrevocable, the other is, as termed by
men, impending. To the former all must unreservedly submit, inasmuch as it
is fixed and settled. God, however, is able to alter or repeal it. As the
harm that must result from such a change will be greater than if the
decree had remained unaltered, all, therefore, should willingly acquiesce
in what God hath willed and confidently abide by the same.

The decree that is impending, however, is such that prayer and entreaty
can succeed in averting it.

God grant that thou who art the fruit of My Tree, and they that are
associated with thee, may be shielded from its evil consequences.

Say: O God, my God! Thou hast committed into mine hands a trust from Thee,
and hast now according to the good-pleasure of Thy Will called it back to
Thyself. It is not for me, who am a handmaid of Thine, to say, whence is
this to me or wherefore hath it happened, inasmuch as Thou art glorified
in all Thine acts, and art to be obeyed in Thy decree. Thine handmaid, O
my Lord, hath set her hopes on Thy grace and bounty. Grant that she may
obtain that which will draw her nigh unto Thee, and will profit her in
every world of Thine. Thou art the Forgiving, the All-Bountiful. There is
none other God but Thee, the Ordainer, the Ancient of Days.

Vouchsafe Thy blessings, O Lord, my God, unto them that have quaffed the
wine of Thy love before the face of men, and, in spite of Thine enemies,
have acknowledged Thy unity, testified to Thy oneness, and confessed their
belief in that which hath made the limbs of the oppressors among Thy
creatures to quake, and the flesh of the proud ones of the earth to
tremble. I bear witness that Thy Sovereignty can never perish, nor Thy
Will be altered. Ordain for them that have set their faces towards Thee,
and for Thine handmaids that have held fast by Thy Cord, that which
beseemeth the Ocean of Thy bounty and the Heaven of Thy grace.

Thou art He, O God, Who hath proclaimed Himself as the Lord of Wealth, and
characterized all that serve Him as poor and needy. Even as Thou hast
written: "O ye that believe! Ye are but paupers in need of God; but God is
the All-Possessing, the All-Praised." Having acknowledged my poverty, and
recognized Thy wealth, suffer me not to be deprived of the glory of Thy
riches. Thou art, verily, the Supreme Protector, the All-Knowing, the

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