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Meeting Of Farewell To 'abdu'l-baha
September 29th, 1911. ...

O Afnan O Thou That Hast Branched From
O Afnan, O thou that hast branched from Mine ancient ...

Magnified Art Thou, O Lord My God! I Ask Thee
Magnified art Thou, O Lord my God! I ask Thee by Thy ...

137 The Most Great Name #109
As explained in note 33, the Greatest Name of God ...

Give A Hearing Ear O People To That Which
Give a hearing ear, O people, to that which I, in tru...

Address Given By 'abdu'l-baha At The City Temple
Sunday, September 10th, 1911 ...

59: O Son Of Being! Thy Heart Is My Home; Sanctify It For My Descent
O SON OF BEING! Thy heart is My home; sanctify it for...

O Ye Peoples Of The World! Know Verily

O ye peoples of the world! Know, verily, that an unforeseen calamity is
following you, and that grievous retribution awaiteth you. Think not the
deeds ye have committed have been blotted from My sight. By My beauty! All
your doings hath My Pen graven with open characters upon tablets of

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