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Praise Be To Thee, To Whom The Tongues Of All

Praise be to Thee, to Whom the tongues of all created things have, from
eternity, called, and yet failed to attain the heaven of Thine eternal
holiness and grandeur. The eyes of all beings have been opened to behold
the beauty of Thy radiant countenance, yet none hath succeeded in gazing
on the brightness of the light of Thy face. The hands of them that are
nigh unto Thee have, ever since the foundation of Thy glorious sovereignty
and the establishment of Thy holy dominion, been raised suppliantly
towards Thee, yet no one hath been able to touch the hem of the robe that
clotheth Thy Divine and sovereign Essence. And yet none can deny that Thou
hast ever been, through the wonders of Thy generosity and bounty, supreme
over all things, art powerful to do all things, and art nearer unto all
things than they are unto themselves.

Far be it, then, from Thy glory that anyone should gaze on Thy wondrous
beauty with any eye save Thine own eye, or hear the melodies proclaiming
Thine almighty sovereignty with any ear except Thine own ear. Too high art
Thou exalted for the eye of any creature to behold Thy beauty, or for the
understanding of any heart to scale the heights of Thine immeasurable
knowledge. For should the birds of the hearts of them that are nigh unto
Thee be ever enabled to soar as long as Thine own overpowering sovereignty
can endure, or to ascend as long as the empire of Thy Divine holiness can
last, they shall, in no wise, be able to transcend the limitations which a
contingent world hath imposed upon them, nor pass beyond its confines.
How, then, can he whose very creation is restricted by such limitations,
attain unto Him Who is the Lord of the Kingdom of all created things, or
ascend into the heaven of Him Who ruleth the realms of loftiness and

Glorified, immeasurably glorified art Thou, my Best-Beloved! Inasmuch as
Thou hast ordained that the utmost limit to which they who lift their
hearts to Thee can rise is the confession of their powerlessness to enter
the realms of Thy holy and transcendent unity, and that the highest
station which they who aspire to know Thee can reach is the acknowledgment
of their impotence to attain the retreats of Thy sublime knowledge I,
therefore, beseech Thee, by this very powerlessness which is beloved of
Thee, and which Thou hast decreed as the goal of them that have reached
and attained Thy court, and by the splendors of Thy countenance that have
encompassed all things, and by the energies of Thy Will whereby the entire
creation hath been generated, not to deprive them that have set their
hopes in Thee of the wonders of Thy mercy, nor to withhold from such as
have sought Thee the treasures of Thy grace. Ignite, then, within their
hearts the torch of Thy love, that its flame may consume all else except
their wondrous remembrance of Thee, and that no trace may be left in those
hearts except the gem-like evidences of Thy most holy sovereignty, so that
from the land wherein they dwell no voice may be heard except the voice
that extolleth Thy mercifulness and might, that on the earth on which they
walk no light may shine except the light of Thy beauty, and that within
every soul naught may be discovered except the revelation of Thy
countenance and the tokens of Thy glory, that haply Thy servants may show
forth only that which shall please Thee and shall conform wholly unto Thy
most potent will.

Glory be to Thee, O my God! The power of Thy might beareth me witness! I
can have no doubt that should the holy breaths of Thy loving-kindness and
the breeze of Thy bountiful favor cease, for less than the twinkling of an
eye, to breathe over all created things, the entire creation would perish,
and all that are in heaven and on earth would be reduced to utter
nothingness. Magnified, therefore, be the marvelous evidences of Thy
transcendent power! Magnified be the potency of Thine exalted might!
Magnified be the majesty of Thine all-encompassing greatness, and the
energizing influence of Thy will! Such is Thy greatness that wert Thou to
concentrate the eyes of all men in the eye of one of Thy servants, and to
compress all their hearts within his heart, and wert Thou to enable him to
behold within himself all the things Thou hast created through Thy power
and fashioned through Thy might, and were he to ponder, throughout
eternity, over the realms of Thy creation and the range of Thy handiwork,
he would unfailingly discover that there is no created thing but is
overshadowed by Thine all-conquering power, and is vitalized through Thine
all-embracing sovereignty.

Behold me, then, O my God, fallen prostrate upon the dust before Thee,
confessing my powerlessness and Thine omnipotence, my poverty and Thy
wealth, mine evanescence and Thine eternity, mine utter abasement and
Thine infinite glory. I recognize that there is none other God but Thee,
that Thou hast no peer nor partner, none to equal or rival Thee. In Thine
unapproachable loftiness Thou hast, from eternity, been exalted above the
praise of any one but Thee, and shalt continue for ever, in Thy
transcendent singleness and glory, to be sanctified from the glorification
of any one except Thine own Self.

I swear by Thy might, O my Beloved! To make mention of any created thing
beseemeth not Thy most exalted Self, and to bestow any praise upon any one
of Thy creatures would be wholly unworthy of Thy great glory. Nay, such a
mention would be but blasphemy uttered within the court of Thy holiness,
and such praise would amount to no less than a transgression in the face
of the evidences of Thy Divine sovereignty. For the mere mention of any
one of Thy creatures would in itself imply an assertion of their existence
before the court of Thy singleness and unity. Such an assertion would be
naught but open blasphemy, an act of impiety, the essence of profanity and
a wanton crime.

Wherefore, I bear witness with my soul, my spirit, my entire being, that
should They Who are the Day-Springs of Thy most holy unity and the
Manifestations of Thy transcendent oneness be able to soar so long as
Thine own sovereignty endureth and Thine all-compelling authority can
last, they will fail in the end to attain unto even the precincts of the
court wherein Thou didst reveal the effulgence of but one of Thy most
mighty Names. Glorified, glorified be, therefore, Thy wondrous majesty.
Glorified, glorified be Thine unattainable loftiness. Glorified, glorified
be the preeminence of Thy kingship and the sublimity of Thine authority
and power.

The highest faculties which the learned have possessed, and whatsoever
truths they, in their search after the gems of Thy knowledge, have
discovered; the brightest realities with which the wise have been endowed,
and whatever secrets they, in their attempts to fathom the mysteries of
Thy wisdom, have unraveled, have all been created through the generative
power of the Spirit that was breathed into the Pen which Thy hands have
fashioned. How, then, can the thing which Thy Pen hath created be capable
of comprehending those treasures of Thy Faith with which, as decreed by
Thee, that Pen hath been invested? How can it ever know of the Fingers
that grasp Thy Pen, and of Thy merciful favors with which it hath been
endowed? How can it, already unable to reach this station, be made aware
of the existence of Thy Hand that controlleth the Fingers of Thy might?
How can it attain unto the comprehension of the nature of Thy Will that
animateth the movement of Thy Hand?

Glorified, glorified be Thou, O my God! How can I ever hope to ascend into
the heaven of Thy most holy will, or gain admittance into the tabernacle
of Thy Divine knowledge, knowing as I do that the minds of the wise and
learned are impotent to fathom the secrets of Thy handiwork--a handiwork
which is itself but a creation of Thy will?

Praise be to Thee, O Lord, my God, my Master, my Possessor, my King. Now
that I have confessed unto Thee my powerlessness and the powerlessness of

all created things, and have acknowledged my poverty and the poverty of
the entire creation, I call unto Thee with my tongue and the tongues of
all that are in heaven and on earth, and beseech Thee with my heart and
the hearts of all that have entered beneath the shadow of Thy names and
Thine attributes, not to shut us from the doors of Thy loving-kindness and
grace, nor to suffer the breeze of Thy bountiful care and favor to cease
from being wafted over our souls, nor to permit that our hearts be
occupied with any one except Thee, or our minds to be busied with any
remembrance save remembrance of Thy Self.

By the glory of Thy might, O my God! Wert Thou to set me king over Thy
realms, and to establish me upon the throne of Thy sovereignty, and to
deliver, through Thy power, the reins of the entire creation into my
hands, and wert Thou to cause me, though it be for less than a moment, to
be occupied with these things and be oblivious of the wondrous memories
associated with Thy most mighty, most perfect, and most exalted Name, my
soul would still remain unsatisfied, and the pangs of my heart unstilled.
Nay, I would, in that very state, recognize myself as the poorest of the
poor, and the most wretched of the wretched.

Magnified be Thy name, O my God! Now that Thou hast caused me to apprehend
this truth, I beseech Thee by Thy Name which no scroll can bear, which no
heart can imagine and no tongue can utter--a Name which will remain
concealed so long as Thine own Essence is hidden, and will be glorified so
long as Thine own Being is extolled--to unfurl, ere the present year draw
to a close, the ensigns of Thine undisputed ascendancy and triumph, that
the whole creation may be enriched by Thy wealth, and may be exalted
through the ennobling influence of Thy transcendent sovereignty, and that
all may arise and promote Thy Cause.

Thou art, verily, the Almighty, the All-Highest, the All-Glorious, the
All-Subduing, the All-Possessing.

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