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Praise Be Unto Thee, Who Art My God And The

Praise be unto Thee, Who art my God and the God of all men, and my Desire
and the Desire of all them that have recognized Thee, and my Beloved and
the Beloved of such as have acknowledged Thy unity, and the Object of my
adoration and of the adoration of them that have near access to Thee, and
my Wish and the Wish of such as are wholly devoted to Thee, and my Hope
and the Hope of them that have fixed their hearts upon Thee, and my Refuge
and the Refuge of all such as have hastened towards Thee, and my Haven and
the Haven of whosoever hath repaired unto Thee, and my Goal and the Goal
of all them that have set themselves towards Thee, and my Object and the
Object of those who have fixed their gaze upon Thee, and my Paradise and
the Paradise of them that have ascended towards Thee, and my Lode-star and
the Lode-star of all such as yearn after Thee, and my Joy and the Joy of
all them that love Thee, and my Light and the Light of all such as have
erred and asked to be forgiven by Thee, and my Exultation and the
Exultation of all them that remember Thee, and my Stronghold and the
Stronghold of all such as have fled to Thee, and my Sanctuary and the
Sanctuary of all that dread Thee, and my Lord and the Lord of all such as
dwell in the heavens and on the earth!

Unto Thee be praise for that Thou hast enraptured me by the sweetness of
Thine utterances, and set me towards the horizon above which the splendors
of the Day-Star of Thy face have shone, and caused me to turn unto Thee at
a time when most of Thy creatures had broken off from Thee.

Thou art He, O my God, Who hath unlocked the gate of heaven with the key
of Thy Name, the Ever-Blessed, the All-Powerful, the All-Glorious, the
Most Great, and hast summoned all mankind to the ocean of Thy presence. No
sooner had Thy most sweet voice been raised, than all the inmates of the
Kingdom of Names and the Concourse on high were stirred up. By Thy call
the fragrance of the raiment of Thy Revelation was wafted over such of Thy
creatures as have loved Thee, and such of Thy people as have yearned
towards Thee. They rose up and rushed forth to attain the Ocean of Thy
meeting, and the Horizon of Thy beauty, and the Tabernacle of Thy
Revelation and Thy majesty, and the Sanctuary of Thy Presence and Thy
glory. They were so inebriated with the wine of their reunion with Thee,
that they rid themselves of all attachment to whatever they themselves and
others possessed.

These are Thy servants whom the ascendancy of the oppressor hath failed to
deter from fixing their eyes on the Tabernacle of Thy majesty, and whom
the hosts of tyranny have been powerless to affright and divert their gaze
from the Day-Spring of Thy signs and the Dawning-Place of Thy testimonies.

I swear by Thy glory, O Thou the Lord of all being and the Enlightener of
all things visible and invisible! Whoso hath quaffed from the hands of Thy
bounteousness the living waters of Thy love will never allow the things
pertaining to Thy creatures to keep him back from Thee, neither will he be
dismayed at the refusal of all the dwellers of Thy realm to acknowledge
Thee. Before all who are in heaven and on earth such a man will cry aloud,
and announce unto the people the tumult of the Ocean of Thy bounty and the
splendors of the Luminaries of the heaven of Thy bestowals.

Happy indeed is the man that hath turned towards the sanctuary of Thy
presence, and rid himself of all attachment to any one except Thyself. He
is truly exalted who hath confessed Thy glory, and fixed his eyes upon the
Day-Star of Thy loving-kindness. He is endued with understanding who is
aware of Thy Revelation and hath acknowledged Thy manifold tokens, Thy
signs, and Thy testimonies. He is a man of insight whose eyes have been
illumined with the brightness of Thy face, and who, as soon as Thy call
was raised, hath recognized Thee. He is a man of hearing who hath been led
to hearken unto Thy speech, and to draw nigh unto the billowing ocean of
Thine utterances.

Behold Thou this stranger, O my Lord, who hath hastened to attain his most
exalted Home in the shelter of Thy shadowing mercy, and this ailing soul
who hath set his face towards the ocean of Thy healing.

Look, then, O Thou my God Who settest my soul on fire, upon the tears I
shed, and the sighs I utter, and the anguish that afflicteth my heart and
the fire that consumeth my being. Thy glory beareth me witness, O Thou,
the Light of the world! The fire of Thy love that burneth continually
within me hath so inflamed me that whoever among Thy creatures approacheth
me, and inclineth his inner ear towards me, cannot fail to hear its raging
within each of my veins.

I am so carried away by the sweetness of Thine utterances, and so
inebriated with the wine of Thy tender mercies, that my voice can never be
stilled, nor can my suppliant hands any longer desist from being stretched
out towards Thee. Thou seest, O my Lord, how mine eyes are fixed in the
direction of Thy grace, and mine ears inclined towards the kingdom of
Thine utterance, and my tongue unloosed to celebrate Thy praise, and my
face set towards Thy face that surviveth all that hath been created by Thy
word, and my hands raised up towards the heaven of Thy bounty and favor.

Wilt Thou keep back from Thee the stranger whom Thou didst call unto his
most exalted Home beneath the shadow of the wings of Thy mercy, or cast
away the wretched creature that hath hastened to attain the shores of the
ocean of Thy wealth? Wilt Thou shut up the door of Thy grace to the face
of Thy creatures after having opened it through the power of Thy might and
of Thy sovereignty, or close the eyes of Thy people when Thou hast already
commanded them to turn unto the Day-Spring of Thy Beauty and the
Dawning-Place of the splendors of Thy countenance?

Nay, and to this Thy glory beareth me witness! Such is not my thought of
Thee, nor the thought of those of Thy servants that have near access to
Thyself, nor that of the sincere amongst Thy people.

Thou knowest, and seest, and hearest, O my Lord, that before every tree I
am moved to lift up my voice to Thee, and before every stone I am impelled
to sigh and lament. Hath it been Thy purpose in creating me, O my God, to
touch me with tribulation, or to enable me to manifest Thy Cause in the
kingdom of Thy creation?

Thou hearest, O my God, my sighs and my groaning, and beholdest my
powerlessness, and my poverty, and my misery, and my woes, and my
wretchedness. I swear by Thy might! I have wept with such a weeping that I
have been unable to make mention of Thee, or to extol Thee, and cried with
such a bitter cry that every mother in her bereavement was bewildered at
me, and forgot her own anguish and the sighs she had uttered.

I implore Thee, O my Lord, by Thine Ark, through which the potency of Thy
will was manifested and the energizing influences of Thy purpose were
revealed, and which saileth on both land and sea through the power of Thy
might, not to seize me in my mighty sins and great trespasses. I swear by
Thy glory! The waters of Thy forgiveness and Thy mercy have emboldened me,
as hath Thy dealing, in bygone ages, with the sincere among Thy chosen
ones, and with such of Thy Messengers as have proclaimed Thy oneness.

I am well aware, O my Lord, that I have been so carried away by the clear
tokens of Thy loving-kindness, and so completely inebriated with the wine
of Thine utterance, that whatever I behold I readily discover that it
maketh Thee known unto me, and it remindeth me of Thy signs, and of Thy
tokens, and of Thy testimonies. By Thy glory! Every time I lift up mine
eyes unto Thy heaven, I call to mind Thy highness and Thy loftiness, and
Thine incomparable glory and greatness; and every time I turn my gaze to
Thine earth, I am made to recognize the evidences of Thy power and the
tokens of Thy bounty. And when I behold the sea, I find that it speaketh
to me of Thy majesty, and of the potency of Thy might, and of Thy
sovereignty and Thy grandeur. And at whatever time I contemplate the
mountains, I am led to discover the ensigns of Thy victory and the
standards of Thine omnipotence.

I swear by Thy might, O Thou in Whose grasp are the reins of all mankind,
and the destinies of the nations! I am so inflamed by my love for Thee,
and so inebriated with the wine of Thy oneness, that I can hear from the
whisper of the winds the sound of Thy glorification and praise, and can
recognize in the murmur of the waters the voice that proclaimeth Thy
virtues and Thine attributes, and can apprehend from the rustling of the
leaves the mysteries that have been irrevocably ordained by Thee in Thy

Glorified art Thou, O God of all names and Creator of the heavens! I
render Thee thanks that Thou hast made known unto Thy servants this Day
whereon the river that is life indeed hath flowed forth from the fingers
of Thy bounty, and the springtime of Thy revelation and Thy presence hath
appeared through Thy manifestation unto all who are in Thy heaven and all
who are on Thy earth.

This is the Day, O my Lord, whose brightness Thou hast exalted above the
brightness of the sun and the splendors thereof. I testify that the light
it sheddeth proceedeth out of the glory of the light of Thy countenance,
and is begotten by the radiance of the morn of Thy Revelation. This is the
Day whereon the hopeless have been clothed with the raiment of confidence,
and the sick attired with the robe of healing, and the poor drawn nigh
unto the ocean of Thy riches.

I swear by Thy Beauty, O King of eternity Who sittest on Thy most glorious
Throne! He Who is the Day-Spring of Thy signs and the Revealer of Thy
clear tokens hath, notwithstanding the immensity of His wisdom and the
loftiness of His knowledge, confessed His powerlessness to comprehend the
least of Thine utterances, in their relation to Thy most exalted Pen,--how
much more is He incapable of apprehending the nature of Thine all-glorious
Self and of Thy most august Essence!

I cannot think, O my God, of any words wherewith to make mention of Thee,
and know not how to express or extol Thee. Were I to attempt to describe
Thee by Thy names, I would readily recognize that the kingdom of these
names is itself created through the movement of Thy fingers, and trembleth
for fear of Thee. And were I to venture to extol Thine attributes, I would
be forced to admit that these attributes are Thine own creation, and lie
within Thy grasp. It behooveth not Them Who are the Manifestations of
these names and attributes to stand before the gate of the city of Thy
Revelation, how much less to scale the heights whereon Thou didst stablish
the throne of Thy majesty.

I swear by Thy might, O Thou Who art the King of names and the Maker of
the heavens! Whatsoever hath been adorned with the robe of words is but
Thy creation which hath been generated in Thy realm and begotten through
the operation of Thy will, and is wholly unworthy of Thy highness and
falleth short of Thine excellence.

And since it hath been demonstrated that Thy most august Self is
immeasurably exalted above all that hath been created in the world of
being, and is far above the reach and ken of the apprehension of Thy
chosen Ones and Thy loved Ones, the splendors of the light of Thy unity
are therefore manifested, and it becometh evident unto every one, whether
free or bond, that Thou art One in Thine own Self, one in Thy Cause, and
one in Thy Revelation. Great is the blessedness of the man who, in his
love towards Thee, hath rid himself of all attachment from every one
except Thyself, and hastened unto the horizon of Thy Revelation, and
attained unto this Cup which Thou hast caused to excel all the seas of the

I beg of Thee, O my God, by Thy power, and Thy might, and Thy sovereignty,
which have embraced all who are in Thy heaven and on Thy earth, to make
known unto Thy servants this luminous Way and this straight Path, that
they may acknowledge Thy unity and Thy oneness, with a certainty which the
vain imaginations of the doubters will not impair, nor the idle fancies of
the wayward obscure. Illumine, O my Lord, the eyes of Thy servants, and
brighten their hearts with the splendors of the light of Thy knowledge,
that they may apprehend the greatness of this most sublime station, and
recognize this most luminous Horizon, that haply the clamor of men may
fail to deter them from turning their gaze towards the effulgent light of
Thy unity, and to hinder them from setting their faces toward the Horizon
of detachment.

This is the Day, O my Lord, which Thou didst announce unto all mankind as
the Day whereon Thou wouldst reveal Thy Self, and shed Thy radiance, and
shine brightly over all Thy creatures. Thou hast, moreover, entered into a
covenant with them, in Thy Books, and Thy Scriptures, and Thy Scrolls, and
Thy Tablets, concerning Him Who is the Day-Spring of Thy Revelation, and
hast appointed the Bayan to be the Herald of this Most Great and
all-glorious Manifestation, and this most resplendent and most sublime

And when the world's horizon was illumined, and He Who is the Most Great
Name was manifested, all disbelieved in Him and in His signs, except such
as have been carried away by the sweetness of Thy glorification and
praise. There befell Him what must remain inscrutable to everyone except
Thee, Whose knowledge transcendeth all who are in Thy heaven and all who
are on Thy earth.

Thou well knowest, O my God, that the Revealer of the Bayan (the Bab) hath
commanded all mankind concerning Thy Cause, and Thy Revelation, and Thy
Sovereignty. He hath said, and sweet is His speech: Beware lest the Bayan
and its Letters keep you back from Him Who is the Most Merciful and from
His sovereignty. He, moreover, hath written: Were He to produce no more
than one verse, ye must not deny Him. Haste ye towards Him, that haply He
may cause to descend upon you what He pleaseth, as a token of His grace
unto you. He truly is the Possessor of His servants, and the King of

Thou seest, then, O Thou Who art the Beloved of the world and the Revealer
of the Most Great Name, how He hath come down with the kingdom of His
signs, and in a manner that hath caused the atoms of the earth to testify
that the whole world hath been filled with these signs. And yet,
notwithstanding this most manifest and all-glorious Revelation, and these
signs which none can appraise except Thee, O Thou the King of names, Thou
beholdest how they have broken off from Him Who is the Day-Spring of Thine
Essence, and have caviled at the One Who is the Fountain-Head of Thy
wisdom and of Thine utterance. They were so seized with thirst for fame,
that they rejected Thy tokens, and Thy testimonies, and Thy signs, which
every man of insight perceiveth in whatsoever declareth Thy greatness, and
Thy sovereignty, and acknowledgeth Thy Revelation and Thy might. They have
so traduced Him as to cause the inmates of the all-glorious Tabernacle and
the Concourse on high to lament, and have uttered such calumnies against
Him that the souls of Thy chosen Ones and the hearts of them that are dear
to Thee have melted. They have erred so grievously that they cast away Thy
most resplendent signs, and clung to their idle fancies, O Thou Who art
the Possessor of Names and the Lord of the Throne on high and of earth

Thou art, O my God and the Exultation of my heart, the One Who hath
adorned Thy Tablet, of which none is aware except Thee, with the mention
of this Day which Thou didst call after Thy name, that haply none may on
that day be seen save Thy most august Self, and naught else be brought to
mind except Thy most sweet remembrance.

No sooner had He revealed Himself than the foundations of the kindreds of
the earth shook and trembled, and the learned swooned away, and the wise
were bewildered, except such as have, through the power of Thy might,
drawn nigh unto Thee, and received the choice wine of Thy Revelation from
the hand of Thy grace, and have quaffed it in Thy name, and exclaimed:
Praise be unto Thee, O Thou the Desire of the worlds! and glory be to
Thee, O Thou Who art the Exultation of the hearts that pant after Thee!

My God, my Master, my Highest Hope, and the Goal of my desire! Thou seest
and hearest the sighing of this wronged One, from this darksome well which
the vain imaginations of Thine adversaries have built, and from this blind
pit which the idle fancies of the wicked among Thy creatures have digged.
By Thy Beauty, O Thou Whose glory is uncovered to the face of men! I am
not impatient in the troubles that touch me in my love for Thee, neither
in the adversities which I suffer in Thy path. Nay, I have, by Thy power,
chosen them for mine own self, and I glory in them amongst such of Thy
creatures as enjoy near access to Thee, and those of Thy servants that are
wholly devoted to Thy Self.

I beseech Thee, however, O Thou Who art the Enlightener of the world and
the Lord of the nations, at this very moment when, with the hands of hope,
I have clung to the hem of the raiment of Thy mercy and Thy bounty, to
forgive Thy servants who have soared in the atmosphere of Thy nearness,
and set their faces towards the splendors of the light of Thy countenance,
and turned unto the horizon of Thy good pleasure, and approached the ocean
of Thy mercy, and all their lives long have spoken forth Thy praise, and
have been inflamed with the fire of their love for Thee. Do Thou ordain
for them, O Lord my God, both before and after their death, what becometh
the loftiness of Thy bounty and the excellence of Thy loving-kindness.

Grant, O my Lord, that they who have ascended unto Thee may repair unto
Him Who is the most exalted Companion, and abide beneath the shadow of the
Tabernacle of Thy majesty and the Sanctuary of Thy glory. Sprinkle, O my
Lord, upon them from the ocean of Thy forgiveness what will make them
worthy to abide, so long as Thine own sovereignty endureth, within Thy
most exalted kingdom and Thine all-highest dominion. Potent art Thou to do
what pleaseth Thee.

Deny not Thy loved ones, O my Lord, the sweet savors of this Day whereon
the mysteries of Thy name, the Self-Subsisting, were unraveled, and all
that had been enshrined within the treasuries of Thy wisdom was revealed.
This is the Day, O my Lord, whereon every atom of the earth hath been made
to vibrate and to cry out: O Thou Who art the Revealer of signs and the
King of creation! I, verily, perceive the fragrance of Thy presence.
Methinks Thou hast revealed Thyself, and unlocked the door of reunion with
Thee before all who are in Thy heaven and all who are on Thy earth. I am
persuaded through the fragrance of Thy robe, O my Lord, that the world
hath been honored through Thy presence, and hath inhaled the sweet smell
of Thy meeting. I know not, however, O Thou the Beloved of the world and
the Desire of the nations, the place wherein the throne of Thy majesty
hath been established, nor the seat which hath been made Thy footstool,
and been illumined with the splendors of the light of Thy face.

I swear by Thy glory, O Thou Who art the Lord of all being and the
Possessor of all things visible and invisible! Every man of understanding
hath been so bewildered at Thy knowledge, and every man endued with
insight been so perplexed in his attempt to fathom the signs of Thy great
glory, that all have recognized their powerlessness to visualize, and
their impotence to soar into, the heaven wherefrom one of the Luminaries
of the Manifestations of Thy knowledge and of the Day-Springs of Thy
wisdom hath shone forth. Who is he that shall befittingly describe this
most sublime station and this most august seat--the seat which, as decreed
by Thee, transcendeth the comprehension of Thy creatures and the
testimonies of Thy servants, and which hath everlastingly been hid from
the understanding and the knowledge of men, and been closed with the seal
of Thy name, the Self-Subsisting.

I swear by Thy glory and Thy sovereignty which overshadow the kingdoms of
earth and of heaven! Were any of Thy chosen Ones and Thy Messengers to
meditate on the manifold evidences of Thy most exalted Pen--a Pen which is
driven by the fingers of Thy will--and were he to muse on its mysteries,
and its tokens, and all that it showeth forth, he would be so perplexed
that his tongue would fail to extol and describe Thee, and his heart would
be utterly unable to understand Thee. For he would, at one time, discover
that from this Pen there floweth out unto all created things the water
that is life indeed, and that the Pen itself hath been named by Thee the
trumpet whereby the dead speed out of their sepulchers. At another time he
would find that there proceedeth from this Pen such fire as Thine own
Revelation can kindle, and as He Who conversed with Thee (Moses) on Sinai
hath perceived.

How marvelous, then, are the manifold tokens of Thy might, and how great
are the diverse evidences of Thy power! The learned have, without
exception, admitted their ignorance when confronted with the radiance of
the Luminary of Thy knowledge; and the mighty have all confessed their
impotence in the face of the billowing Ocean of Thy power; and the rich
have one and all acknowledged their poverty before the effusions of the
Treasuries of Thy wealth; and the worldly wise have each recognized their
nothingness beside the splendors of the Light of Thy beauty; and the
exalted have all witnessed unto their abasement when face to face with the
effulgence of the Day-Star of Thy glory; and they who are in authority
have borne witness to their own evanescence and to the evanescence of
others, and discovered the eternity of Thy majesty, and of Thy
sovereignty, and of Thy sublimity, and of Thy power.

My God, and the God of all things, and my King and the King of all things,
and the Beloved of my soul, and the Goal of my desire! Thou knowest full
well that I make mention of Thee, in this day, in the name of such of Thy
creatures as have detached themselves from all except Thee, and I extol
Thy virtues through the tongue of those of Thy people that have recognized
Thy oneness, that haply there may pour out from the sighs which they utter
in their love and their yearning for Thee what will melt away all that may
hinder Thy servants from setting their faces towards the heaven of Thy
knowledge and the kingdom of Thy signs.

This, then, O my God and the God of all names, and the Creator of earth
and heaven, is the Day whereon He Whose heart gloweth with the flaming
fire of Thy presence is calling upon Thee. Where can separation from Thee
be found, O my God, so that reunion with Thee may be clearly recognized at
the appearance of the Light of Thy unity, and the revelation of the
splendors of the Sun of Thy oneness? I ask pardon of Thee, O my God, for
all that hath been said, and for whatsoever hath flowed out, and is now
flowing out from my Pen in Thy days. I testify that Thou hast decreed that
the offering of prayer should befit not me, but Him Who hath, at Thy
bidding and in conformity with Thy pleasure, preceded me. Rather hast Thou
ordained that the revelation of verses should be specially attributed unto
this mighty Manifestation, and to This Announcement that hath adorned the
Scrolls of Thy majesty and Thy Tablet in which account is kept.

I render Thee thanks, O Thou Who hast lighted Thy fire within my soul, and
cast the beams of Thy light into my heart, that Thou hast taught Thy
servants how to make mention of Thee, and revealed unto them the ways
whereby they can supplicate Thee, through Thy most holy and exalted
tongue, and Thy most august and precious speech. But for Thy leave, who is
there that could venture to express Thy might and Thy grandeur; and were
it not for Thine instruction, who is the man that could discover the ways
of Thy pleasure in the kingdom of Thy creation?

I beseech Thee, O God of bounty and King of all created things, to guard
Thy servants from the imaginations which their hearts may devise. Raise
them up, then, to such heights that their footsteps may slip not in the
face of the evidences of Thy handiwork, which the manifold exigencies of
Thy wisdom have ordained, and whose secrets Thou hast hid from the face of
Thy people and Thy creatures. Withhold them not, O my Lord, from the ocean
of Thy knowledge, neither do Thou deprive them of what Thou didst destine
for such of Thy chosen ones as have near access to Thee, and those of Thy
trusted ones as are wholly devoted to Thy Self. Supply them, then, from
Thy sea of certainty with what will calm the agitation of their hearts.
Turn, O Lord my God, the darkness of their fancies into the brightness of
certitude, and cause them to arise, and to walk steadfastly in Thy
straight Path, that haply Thy Book may not hinder them from recognizing
Him Who is its Revealer, and Thy names from acknowledging the One Who is
their Creator, and their Provider, and their Origin, and their King, and
their Begetter, and their Destroyer, and their Glorifier, and their
Abaser, and their Governor, and the Sovereign Protector of their Bearers.

Thou art the One, O my God and my Ruler, Who hast sent down Thy Book that
Thou mayest manifest my Cause, and glorify my Word. Through it Thou didst
enter into a Covenant, concerning me, with all that hath been created in
Thy realm. Thou seest, O Beloved of the world, how the rebellious among
Thy creatures have made of that Covenant a bulwark for themselves, and
through it have withdrawn from Thy Beauty, and repudiated Thy signs.

Thou art He, O my God, Who hath commanded them in Thy great Book, and
said: Fear ye the Most Merciful, O people of the Bayan, and deny not Him
for Whom I have ordained the Bayan to be one of the leaves of His
Paradise. I, verily, esteem it as a gift from me unto Him. Were it His
pleasure to accept it, He, truly, is the Most Bountiful; and if He cast it
away and refuse to consider it, His verdict is just, and He, in very
truth, is Praiseworthy in His acts, and meet to be obeyed in His behests.
To none is given the right to cavil at Him.

Thou beholdest, therefore, O my God, how this wronged one hath fallen into
the hands of such as have denied Thy right, and broken off from Thy
sovereignty. He, round whose person circleth Thy proof, and in whose name
and on behalf of whose sovereignty Thy testimony crieth out unto all
created things, hath suffered more grievously in his days than any pen can
recount, and been so harassed that He Who is Thy Spirit (Jesus) lamented,
and all the denizens of Thy Kingdom and all the inmates of Thy Tabernacle
in the realms above cried with a great and bitter lamentation.

Should any one incline his inner ear, he would hear the cry and the
wailing of all created things over what hath befallen Him Whom the world
hath wronged, at the hands of them with whom Thou hast covenanted in the
Day of Separation. Where is that fair-minded soul, O my God, who will
judge equitably Thy Cause, and where is the man of insight to be found who
will behold Thee with Thine own eyes? Is there any man of hearing who will
hear Thee with Thine ears, or one endued with eloquence who will speak the
truth in Thy days?

I swear by Thy glory, O Thou Who beholdest me from Thine all-glorious
horizon, and hearest the voice of the Lote-Tree beyond which there is no
passing! Should any one consider Thy Books which Thou didst name the
Bayan, and ponder in his heart what hath been revealed therein, he would
discover that each of these Books announceth my Revelation, and declareth
my Name, and testifieth to my Self, and proclaimeth my Cause, and my
Praise, and my Rising, and the radiance of my Glory. And yet,
notwithstanding Thy proclamation, O my God, and in spite of the words Thou
didst utter, O my Beloved, Thou hast seen and heard their calumnies
against me, and their evil doings in my days.

I testify in my present state, O my Lord, and against the will of him who
hath turned his back to Thee (Mirza Yahya), that Thou art God, and that
there is none other God beside Thee. This, verily, is the Day wherewith
Thy Scriptures, and Thy Books, and Thy Tablets, have been adorned. And He
Who now speaketh is, in truth, the Well-guarded Treasure, and the Hidden
Secret, and the Preserved Tablet, and the Impenetrable Mystery, and the
Sealed Book. He, truly, is to be obeyed in whatsoever He commandeth, and
decreeth, and revealeth, and is to be loved in everything He, through His
sovereignty, enjoineth, and, through His power, ordaineth. Whoso will
hesitate for less than the twinkling of an eye, hath, verily, denied Thy
right, and repudiated all that Thou hast revealed in Thy Books, and in Thy
Scriptures, and sent down with Thy chosen Ones, and Thy Prophets, and Thy
Messengers, and the Trustees of Thy Revelation.

I beg of Thee, O Thou in Whose hands are the kingdoms of earth and heaven,
and in Whose grasp lie all who dwell in the dominions of Thy Revelation
and Thy creation, not to withhold the glance of Thy favors from such as
have sustained tribulations in Thy path, and tasted of the cup of woe in
their love towards Thee, and have been cast into prison in Thy name, and
endured what none of Thy creatures and Thy people have endured. They are
Thy servants, O my Lord, who have responded to Thee as soon as Thou didst
send out Thy summons, and have set their faces towards Thee when the light
of Thy countenance was lifted upon them, and turned unto Thee at the time
when Thy most exalted horizon shone forth with the brightness of Thy name
through which all who are in Thy heaven and on Thy earth swooned away.
Ordain for them, O my Lord, what Thou didst ordain for Thy chosen ones who
have welcomed the darts of the infidels in Thy Cause and for love of Thee,
and hasted to attain the orient of tribulation with Thy name on their lips
and Thy remembrance in their hearts. Thou art the One, O my God, Who hath
promised in Thy perspicuous utterances to remember them in Thy Book as a
recompense for their works in Thy days.

Bless them, O my God, and ascribe unto them such glory as hath shone forth
above the horizon of Thy will, and hath shed its splendors from the
kingdom of Thine utterance. Immerse them, O my Lord, beneath the ocean of
Thy mercy, and illumine them with the dawning light of Thy Revelation.
Forgive, then, O my God, their fathers and their mothers, by Thy favor,
and Thy bounty, and Thy tender mercies. Send, then, upon them from the
right hand of Thy most exalted Paradise the fragrance of the robe of Thine
all-glorious Beauty. Potent art Thou to do what pleaseth Thee. Thou,
verily, art the Governor, the Ordainer, the All-Bountiful, the
Ever-Forgiving, the Most Generous.

Praise be unto Thee, O Thou the Beloved of the world, and the Adored of
the hearts of them that have recognized Thee.

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