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O Leaders Of Religion! Weigh Not The Book Of
O LEADERS of religion! Weigh not the Book of God with...

Magnified Be Thy Name, O Lord My God! Behold
Magnified be Thy name, O Lord my God! Behold Thou min...

59 Amongst The People Is He Who Seateth Himself Amid The Sandals
by the door whilst coveting in his heart the seat of ho...

150 The Point Of The Bayan #129
The Point of the Bayan is one of the titles by whi...

O Concourse Of Divines! Lay Aside That Which Ye
O CONCOURSE of divines!... Lay aside that which ye po...

Say: We Have Caused The Rivers Of Divine
Say: We have caused the rivers of Divine utterance to...

109 The Destruction Of Books #77
In the Tablet of Ishraqat Baha'u'llah, referring t...

Read Ye The Evangel And Yet Refuse To Acknowledge The

READ ye the Evangel and yet refuse to acknowledge the All-Glorious Lord?
This indeed beseemeth you not, O concourse of learned men!... The
fragrances of the All-Merciful have wafted over all creation. Happy the
man that hath forsaken his desires, and taken fast hold of guidance.

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