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Spreading The Teaching
When asked by an American friend: Which is the best w...

41: O Son Of Man! Magnify My Cause That I May Reveal Unto Thee The
O SON OF MAN! Magnify My cause that I may reveal unto...

Bereft, however, of the essence of the mysteries of His ...

The Most Great Name Beareth Me Witness!
The Most Great Name beareth Me witness! How sad if an...

22: O Son Of Spirit! Noble Have I Created Thee Yet Thou Hast Abased
O SON OF SPIRIT! Noble have I created thee, yet thou ...

A Description Of The Kitab-i-aqdas By Shoghi Effendi
Taken from _God Passes By_, His History of the Fir...

54: O Ye Rich Ones On Earth! The Poor In Your Midst Are My Trust; Guard Ye
O YE RICH ONES ON EARTH! The poor in your midst are M...

Read Ye The Evangel And Yet Refuse To Acknowledge The

READ ye the Evangel and yet refuse to acknowledge the All-Glorious Lord?
This indeed beseemeth you not, O concourse of learned men!... The
fragrances of the All-Merciful have wafted over all creation. Happy the
man that hath forsaken his desires, and taken fast hold of guidance.

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