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There Hath Appeared In This Revelation

There hath appeared in this Revelation what hath never appeared before. As
to the infidels that have witnessed what hath been manifested, they murmur
and say: "Verily, this is a sorcerer who hath devised a lie against God."
They are indeed an outcast people.

Tell out to the nations, O Pen of the Ancient of Days, the things that
have happened in 'Iraq. Tell them of the messenger whom the congregation
of the divines of that land had delegated to meet Us, who, when attaining
Our presence, questioned Us concerning certain sciences, and whom We
answered by virtue of the knowledge We inherently possess. Thy Lord is,
verily, the Knower of things unseen. "We testify," said he, "that the
knowledge Thou dost possess is such as none can rival. Such a knowledge,
however, is insufficient to vindicate the exalted station which the people
ascribe to Thee. Produce, if Thou speakest the truth, what the combined
forces of the peoples of the earth are powerless to produce." Thus was it
irrevocably decreed in the court of the presence of thy Lord, the
All-Glorious, the Loving.

"Witness! What is it thou seest?" He was dumbfounded. And when he came to
himself, he said: "I truly believe in God, the All-Glorious, the
All-Praised." "Go thou to the people, and tell them: 'Ask whatsoever ye
please. Powerful is He to do what He willeth. Nothing whatsoever, be it of
the past or of the future, can frustrate His Will.' Say: 'O ye
congregation of the divines! Choose any matter ye desire, and ask your
Lord, the God of Mercy, to reveal it unto you. If He fulfil your wish, by
virtue of His sovereignty, believe ye then in Him, and be not of those
that reject His truth.'" "The dawn of understanding hath now broken," said
he, "and the testimony of the All-Merciful is fulfilled." He arose and
returned unto them that sent him, at the bidding of God, the All-Glorious,
the Well-Beloved.

Days passed and he failed to come back to Us. Eventually, there came
another messenger who informed Us that the people had given up what they
originally had purposed. They are indeed a contemptible people. This is
what happened in 'Iraq, and to what I reveal I Myself am witness. This
happening was noised abroad, yet none was found to comprehend its meaning.
Thus did We ordain it. Would that ye knew this!

By My Self! Whoso hath in bygone ages asked Us to produce the signs of
God, hath, no sooner We revealed them to him, repudiated God's truth. The
people, however, have, for the most part, remained heedless. They whose
eyes are illumined with the light of understanding will perceive the sweet
savors of the All-Merciful, and will embrace His truth. These are they who
are truly sincere.

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